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Derek Anderson / QB / Oregon St.

- Measured in at 6'6"/243

- Will participate in all drills.

Romeo Crennel / Head Coach Cleveland Browns

- If defensive tackle Gerard Warren isn't traded, he said he would have no problems coaching him and he sees him either at tackle or at end (if they use a 3-4 alignment).

- He wasn't convinced that they could go to a 3-4 immediately and it would be a transition in progress if they did.

- Defensive end Courtney Brown, if he returns for 2005, could still play end or outside linebacker.

- "I'm going to ask him to do what's best for the team."

Ray Hudson / RB / Alabama

- Measured in at 5'9"/193

- Has received interest so far from Chicago, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Denver.

Steve Savoy / WR / Utah

- Measured in at 5'11"/192

- Tore his ACL in his freshman season.

- Will workout fully here.

- His goal is to run a 4.4.

- Has talked to Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington so far.

Roscoe Parrish / WR / Miami

- Measured in at 5'10/170

- Said teammate cornerback Antrel Rolle was the toughest competition that he faced.

- Has received interest from Miami, Buffalo, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Seattle.

Braylon Edwards / WR / Michigan

- Measured in at 6'3"/212

- Father played for the Houston Oilers.

- He will not run here but will do so on his pro day on 3/18.

- He said he had no significant injuries in his four seasons of play.

- He calls himself a "sports almanac". He talked about his affection for hockey and NASCAR among the topics.

- The turning point in his college career was against the University of Minnesota in his junior season when his team came back from a 21-point deficit in the fourth quarter. He felt that the team came of age then.

- His first three years in high school, Edwards said he only scored one touchdown so he transferred to a program with a better passing offense.

- Was a double major African American Studies/Communications.

- He said Wolverine receiver Anthony Carter was like a god father to him and that was part of the reason he chose to wear no.1.

David Greene / QB / Georgia

- Measured in at 6'3"/226

- He recently workout throwing the football with Mike Williams. He said Williams was as gifted a receiver as he has ever seen.

- "He caught a few passes that he wasn't supposed to make."

- He didn't really consider coming out early.

- He wants to show scouts that he has a lot of athletic ability and will work out fully here.

- His injuries in his collegiate career included: hyper-expending his knee in his junior season and fractured the tip of his thumb in his senior season but didn't miss a game because of those injuries.

J.R. Russell / WR / Louisville

- Measured in at 6'3"/206

- Will work out fully here.

- He didn't seem to concerned with potential 40-time here.

- "I'm not worried about my 40-time I make plays."

Vincent Jackson / WR / Northern Colorado

- Plans to workout here.

- Expects to be selected on the first day of the draft as long as his performance at the combine is good.

- Has interviewed with over 10 teams so far. He said Denver showed an interest in him.

Kyle Orton / QB / Purdue

- Measured in at 6'4"/233.

- He believes that he will be a first-round pick.

- He has interviewed with Cleveland so far.

- He plans to throw here but probably won't run because he has been feeling ill the past few days.

Timmy Chang / QB / Hawaii

- He plans to work out fully here.

- He knows that he has to adapt to the pro style of offense after playing in a version of the run and shoot in college.

- He has some experience playing in a conventional offense after playing in the last two Hula Bowls.

- The timing and steps are the adjustment.

- Three, five, and seven step drops are the conventional drops. He said he had been a three steps to the right or left.

Dan Orlovsky / QB / Connecticut

- Measured in at 6'5/225. He weighed in at 232 during Senior Bowl week.

- Will work out fully here.

 Jason White / QB / Oklahoma

- Measured in at 6'2" 1/2/223

- Will work out fully here and feels that he has nothing to lose.

- The questions about his knees are getting tiresome and he had no issues come up in his physical taken here this week.

- He felt he gained maturity coming back for his senior season and never considered coming out early.

- He feels that the areas that he needs to improve on are his pocket presence and his over throwing which causes him to drop his shoulder.

Chris Henry / WR / West Virginia

- Measured in at 6'4"198.

- His best time running the 40 in the low 4'3's.

- Was getting grilled with questions about perceived attitude problems.

- "Of course you have to have an attitude to play the position," he said.

- His mother, who he has talked to about his issues said he needs to control himself better.

- Teams showing interest so far are Green Bay, Minnesota, and Houston.

- Likely won't work out here but will do so at his pro day.

Ronnie Brown / RB / Auburn

- Measured in at 6'0/233

- He believes that being able to be used in so many different positional formations (slot, eye for example) will help him at the next level.

- Has played some FB the last two seasons.

- Has talked to Dallas, New York Jets, and Bears so far here.

- He did consider leaving early for the draft last season but decided that he could be a more complete back by coming back.

Adrian McPherson / QB / Florida St.

- Measured in at 6'3 3/4/218

- Plans to workout here.

- He feels that his time in Arena football will benefit him as he learned to throw the ball in tight quarters and he believes the fast pace will help him get adjusted to the NFL game much quicker.

T.A. McClendon / RB / North Carolina St.

- Weighed at 235.

- Plans to work out fully here.

Charlie Frye / QB / Akron

- Measured in at 6'3 7/8/225

- Will work out fully here and at his pro day on 4/1.

- Really enjoyed his Senior Bowl week experience (won game MVP). He feels that his performance there will help his draft position.

Khalif Barnes / OL / Washington

- Measured in at 6'5/305

- Plans to work out fully here. Had 26 reps at 225 (goal was 25).

- Still recovering from a wrist injury (missed half of the season) which he rates at about 90%. Was able to participate during Senior Week with it. He said it's just a scar tissue situation that he has to deal with and it just needs a few more months to heal.

- He liked being able to work with pro coaches during Senior Bowl week and the speed of the practices.

- His toughest opponent that week was Iowa defensive end Matt Roth who he believes is going to do well in the NFL.

Reggie Hodges / K / Ball State

-Hodges had the best workout of all kickers and put himself into middle round contention

Bryce Benekos / P / UTEP

- UTEP P Bryce Benekos also faired well today in workouts

Mike Nugent / K / Ohio State 

- Had the strongest leg in anyone in attendance but was erractic from 45 yards and out

Marcus Johnson OT/OG - Mississippi 

 - Johnson was only able to 21 reps on the bench yesterday and as disappointing as that may seem was only able to complete 13 reps a month ago. In less than a month , trained with a trainer and has seemed to be now showing his true strength. Various team scouts have been actively watching Johnson and the feeling is that his natural position will be at guard. And for teams such as the Steelers,  Johnson's ability to pull and strength in the run game might be very intriguing.

Mark Clayton / WR / Oklahoma

- Measured in at 5'10/193

- Plans to workout fully here.

- He believes that he will run in the 4.5's.

- He said the Senior Bowl week was great for him as he was able to work with pro coaches. He talked about how Raiders' wide receivers coach Fred Blitnikoff worked on his release from the line with his hands. Instead of having his hands below his waist, he had his hands adjusted to above his waist and it made it easier to get off of the line.

- He said his best attributes are his hands, route running, and ability to adjust to the ball in the air.

- He returned punts and kicks in college and expects to have those roles in the NFL.

Matt Jones / QB / Arkansas

- Measured in at 6'6/242

- Will do everything here and at his pro day.

- Interestingly, he said he ran a 4.41 three weeks ago at Parisi speed school.

- He believes his Senior Bowl week performance will enhance his draft position because he was able to play several different positions during practices.

- He said he prior to Senior Bowl week, he only had had 20 plays as a receiver at Arkansas in his career there.

Mike Williams / WR / USC

- Said he weighed about 228-229 as of this week but plans to get down to about 224.

- Will not work out here but will at his private workout on 3/10 at the University of South Florida.

Troy Williamson / WR / South Carolina

- Measured in at 6'1/203. He added that he likes playing at that weight and doesn't plan to gain or lose any.

- Will work out here and at his pro day on 3/6.

- Has interviewed with the Buccaneers, Broncos, Packers, Ravens so far.

- He said he should run in the 4.3's and anything higher (4.4's) wouldn't be acceptable.

Walter Reyes / RB / Syracuse

- Measured in at 5'10 1/2/212

- Will workout here.

- He has talked to many former Orangemen who are in the pros who helped him get an idea of what to expect this week.

Aaron Rogers / QB / California

- Measured in at 6'2/223

- He said head coach Jeff Tedford changed his throwing style to an over the top motion called "ball on the shelf".

- Won't throw here but plans to run.

- Will have a private workout on 3/17 at Cal.

- He met former 49ers' quarterback Steve Young at the Super Bowl at they talked about the NFL game opposed to the college game.

Brian Billick / Head Coach / Baltimore Ravens

- He confirmed that their defensive scheme alignment will change from a 3-4 to a 4-3. Billick seemed excited that Terrell Suggs will move from linebacker to defensive end.

- He made it clear that they are looking to add a veteran receiver to come in and not only make an impact on their offense but to add leadership to their group of receivers.

- He's looking forward to seeing how second-year wide receiver Devard Darling develops.

Jason Campbell / QB / Auburn

- Measured in at 6'4' and 6 tenths/230

- Will not work out here but will on his Pro Day.

- He believes he will be a first day selection.

- He notes that his best attributes are his mobility and his ability to move in and out of the pocket.

- He really liked playing in the West Coast offensive system this season and feels that he would love to play in it at the next level because it gives you more options in the passing game. He likes going through the progressions that the offensive gives him when passing the ball.

Phil Savage / General Manager / Cleveland Browns

- Their goal is to get quarterback Kelly Holcomb re-signed but they also have a contingency plan should he sign elsewhere.

- Regarding cornerback Anthony Henry, Savage said the reason why they got such a late start in negotiations is because they wanted to have their full coaching staff in place before their started talking to his representative (Jerrold Colton).

- Regarding defensive tackle Gerard Warren who has been given permission to seek a trade, Savage said he will do what's best for the team and Warren. Savage added that they met with Warren this past Tuesday to discuss the situation. While Warren is due a roster bonus on 3/2, the possibility remains, according to Savage, that they could move the date that it's due if needed.

Ryan Moats / RB / Louisiana Tech

- Measured in at 5'8/210

- Will work out fully here.

- He believes he will be a late first day selection.

- He lost 10 pounds recently to get in better shape.

- He compares himself to San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

- The Buccaneers and Titans have shown the most interest in him.

Brandon Jacobs / RB / Southern Illinois

- Measured at 6'4/267

- Plans to lose get down to 250-260.

- He said despite his impressive size he doesn't plan to play another position at the next level nor has any team talked to him about doing that.

Carnell Williams / RB / Auburn

- Measured in at 5'10 7/8

- Gained about 10 pounds since the end of the season because he got the feeling NFL scouts thought he was too small.

- Plans to run here.

- Worked on catching the ball during Senior Bowl week mainly because that was one area where he didn't get a chance to work on at Auburn.

- Got the nickname "Cadillac" during his junior year in high school.

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