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From Group Six of QBs and WRs that ran on Sunday, here are the top official times in each of those groups:

Top 5 QBs from Group Six
1. Matt Jones , Arkansas, 4.40
2. Stefan LeFors , Louisville, 4.62
3. Josh Halley , Northern Illinois, 4.69
4. Dustin Long , Sam Houston 4.67
5. Chris Rix , Florida State, 4.73

Top 5 WRs from Group Six
1. Jerome Mathis , Hampton, 4.32
2. Courtney Roby , Indiana, 4.36
3. Troy Williamson , South Carolina, 4.38
4. Lebron LeCroy , Indiana-University of Pennsylvania, 4.41
5. Terrence Murphy , Texas A&M, 4.45

* South California wide receiver Mike Williams ran unofficial times of 4.59 and 4.61.

Top-Five Official Electronic Times From Sunday From the NFL

1) Adrian McPherson -4.72
2) Alex Smith -4.74
3) David Greene -4.81
4) Ben Dougherty -4.84
5) Charlie Frye -4.88

Running Back
1) Darren Sproles -4.46
2) Ryan Moats -4.49
3) Walter Reyes -4.49
4) Carnell Williams -4.50
5) Eric Shelton -4.54

Wide Receiver
1) Mark Clayton -4.43
2) Roscoe Parrish -4.43
3) Mark Bradley -4.47
4) Brandon Jones -4.48
5) Reggie Brown -4.51

Odell Thurman/LB/Georgia

- Measured in at 6'1"/233.

- Got in fights, skipped class, and partied too much his freshman year, he said, and his coach advised to transfer to junior college. Returned to Georgia after he matured, he said.

- Coming into draft as a junior to take care of his two children.

- Describes his game as "reckless. I'm a wild man, a gladiator."

- When asked if he'd play outside at the pro level, he said "middle

- I hit hard."

- Had a 99-yard interception return for a touchdown, where he says his first 40 yards were fast and the last 20 he was pretty tired.

- He said Carnell "Cadillac" Williams is best player he's faced.

- He said his play is similar to Ray Lewis.

Lance Mitchell/LB/Oklahoma

- Measured in at 6'2"/247

- Will do a full workout here

- Projects to a MLB in the NFL.

- He tore his ACL in the third game of his junior year. He said X-Rays and MRI turned up good at combine.

- He signed with Florida out of junior college, but his transcripts didn't qualify for ACC standards because of missing a class.

- He felt hesitation from knee injury at the start of his senior season, but was comfortable by the end of the year.

- He has talked to Kansas City and Tennessee.

- Recruited by UCLA as a running back after rushing for 2,000 yards as a senior in high school.

Kevin Burnett/LB/Tennessee

- Measured at 6'2" 7/8/239.

- He will do a full workout here.

- Minnesota, Houston, Arizona, Atlanta, and the New York Giants are among a host of teams showing interest.

- He said he can play any position on offense or defense. Played QB, RB, WR and TE in high school but figures to project to a weakside linebacker or strong safety in the NFL.

- He has a great respect for servicemen and women.

- He has a history of master's degrees in his family and has his bachelor's and master's in sports administration with a minor in business. He wanted to be prepared so people don't rip him off as a pro. He said if he is going to make $200,000 coming out, he should never be broke.

- He had surgery on a dislocated right shoulder in April 2002 and knee surgery for a torn ACL in October 2002. Said his MRI at the combine showed no lasting damage.

Demarcus Ware/LB/Troy St.

- He measured in at 6'4"/251.

- He was huge Auburn fan who grew up minutes from the stadium. He went to Auburn's last two bowl games to continue his support. Attended a talk by Bo Jackson at the Boys' and Girls' Club. Said being 6-foot-2 and 198 pounds coming out of high school scared away Auburn. "It hurts your heart that they didn't look at the smaller guys," he said.

- He models his game after Dwight Freeney.

- Studies tendencies of offensive linemen to get an edge in rushing the passer.

Jonathan Goddard/LB/USC

- He measured in at 5'10"/218

- He will do everything here.

- He is willing to move to safety and/or play special teams

- He started at quarterback ahead of Matt Leinart in high school.

- He lists Darren Sproles, Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, and JJ Arrington as his toughest competition.

- He enjoys being instinctive and emotional

- He hopes to run in the high 4.5's

Darryl Blackstock/LB/Virginia

- He measured in at 6'2" 1/2/247

- He will play any position to help the team, though teams are interested in him only as an outside linebacker.

- DeBrickshaw Ferguson is the best offensive lineman he has ever faced.

- He has 15 interviews scheduled for tonight.

- He will do everything here

- He credit's his collegiate head coach Al Groh with his development as a player

- He left early because the college game became boring to him.

Aaron Rodgers / QB / California

- Ran but not did participate in the throwing workouts

Five receivers broke the 4.4 barrier, with Troy Williamson South Carolina and Jerome Mathis of Hampton on top of the speed charts and several scouts had Mathis and Williamson clocked at a high 4.2.

Mike Williams / WR / USC

- Ran 4.62 and 4.56 and did not participate in the receiving workouts.

Dante Ridgeway / WR / Ball State

- Earlier in the day WR Dante Ridgeway from Ball State had a  great pass catching workout

Matt Grotegoode/LB/USC

- He measured in at 5'10"/218

- He will do everything here.

- He is willing to move to safety and/or play special teams

- He started at quarterback ahead of Matt Leinart in high school.

- He lists Darren Sproles, Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, and JJ Arrington as his toughest competition.

- He enjoys being instinctive and emotional

- He hopes to run in the high 4.5's

Darryl Blackstock/LB/Virginia

- He measured in at 6'2" 1/2/247

- He will play any position to help the team, though teams are interested in him only as an outside linebacker.

- DeBrickshaw Ferguson is the best offensive lineman he has ever faced.

- He has 15 interviews scheduled for tonight.

- He will do everything here

- He credit's his collegiate head coach Al Groh with his development as a player

- He left early because the college game became boring to him.

Carlos Rogers/CB/Auburn

- Measured in at 6'0"/194.

- Will work out fully here. "I have nothing to hide," he said.

- He understands that there will be an adjustment to playing at the next level because of the no-contact rules after five yards and he never had to deal with that in college.

- He said he generally runs in the 4.3's and expects to do so here.

Jamaal Brimmer/S/UNLV

- He measured in at 6'1"/216

- He played between 210 and 215 in college.

- He will do everything here.

- He hopes to run a 4.5.

- Teams are talking to him about both safety spots.

- Mark Clayton and Courtney Roby are the toughest competition he's faced.

- He feels he needs to prove he has the speed to play in the NFL as well as improving his overall technique.

Robert McCune/MLB/Louisville

- He measured in at 6'0"/245

- He was not recruited out of high school

- He will do everything here

- He spent a year in Korea while he was in the army.

Thomas Davis/S/Georgia

- He measured in at 6'1"/230

- He will be working out fully here.

- He prefers playing close to the line of scrimmage.

- He feels people are questioning his coverage skills

- He speaks to Boss Bailey, Sean Jones, Champ Bailey, and Jamal Lewis frequently

- He hopes to run low 4.4's with 4.36 being his best time ever.

- Ronnie Brown is the best back he's ever faced.

- Teams are talking to him about possibly moving to OLB

Channing Crowder/ILB/Florida

- He measured in at 6'2"/252

- He will not work out here.

- His knees were cleared by doctors.

- He feels his off field incidents will not hurt him

- He lists Shawn Andrews as the best player he's ever faced.

Antonio Perkins/CB/Oklahoma

- He measured in at 5'11"/190

- He will do everything here

- He hopes to run a 4.3

- He lists Mark Clayton as the best wide receiver that he's faced.

- He feels that his special teams abilities will enhance his draft stock.

Abraham Elmimian/CB/Hawaii

- He measured in at 5'9" 1/2/190

- He is planning on doing everything here, though he may change his mind.

- He played in several games with a badly pulled hamstring.

- He is answering questions from teams about why he pulled himself out of games this past year.

- He said that his coach in college, June Jones, teaches his players what the NFL is looking for.

Eric Green/CB/Virginia Tech

- He measured in at 5'11"/198

- He played at 195.

- He considers himself a cornerback exclusively.

- He is hoping to run a 4.35.

- Larry Fitzgerald is the toughest receiver he's ever faced

- He will do everything here.

Karl Paymah/CB/Washington State

- He measured in at 6'0/204

- He feels he needs to showcase his speed.

- H said he got positive feedback from scouts at the Shrine Game

- He lists Mike Williams as his toughest competition.

- He has met with Kansas City, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Cleveland.

Antrel Rolle/CB/Miami Fl.

- Measured in at 6'0"/200.

- He will not work out here but will on his pro day.

- He said he had no second thoughts about staying for senior year.

- He said he'll run faster than the 4.55 people expect of him.

- "I try to do my damage at the line of scrimmage as soon as I can," he says of the NFL's rule against illegal contract outside of five yards.

- Has been a man press defender.

- No relation to Samari Rolle, although he met Samari recently and he told Antrel if he had a dollar for every time he heard that, Samari could quit football.

- Has worked out with many of the University of Miami pros, including Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Phillip Buchanon, Edgerinn James, and Chad Johnson. "At Miami, we compete all the time, whether it's to see who runs to the store the fastest."

- Sis the best cornerback in the draft because "I bring so much passion to the game. I'm very confident in my game."

- He hopes to do return work as well on the next level.

- Got into a scuffle with former Virginia Tech CB DeAngelo Hall in 2003. Both were ejected and Rolle suspended for the next game because he wasn't in the game at the time. "We were just being knuckleheads," Rolle said of the incident.

Bryant McFadden/CB/FSU

- Measured at 5

-11 3/4/193.

- He compares his Florida State swagger and spunk to Terrell Buckley, not in Deion Sanders' class.

- He will bench here, but he's undecided about a full workout.

- He said the last TD pass he gave up with in 2002.

- He lists Anquan Boldin as the best wide receiver he's faced.

- He was in mostly man coverage at FSU.

- He said he needs to improve in his film study to pick up receivers' tendencies.

Matt Jones / TE / Arkansas

- Runs a pair 40's that was faster than any RB in attendance ....... unofficial hand times 4.41 and 4.39.

Jared Newberry/LB/Stanford

- Won't work out here because he strained his hamstring last week but will work out at his pro day in March.

- Has talked the Vikings, Giants, Jets, Titans here in Indy so far.

- Has played on the strong and weakside in his career but feels that he's better on the weakside.

- Really enjoyed his Senior Bowl week experience and the speed of the practices. He said being coached by NFL coaches will help him at the next level.

Alfred Fincher/MLB/Connecticut

- Measured in at 6'1"/238.

- Will do a full workout.

- Feels good about elevating UConn's program as much as his own draft stock.

- Motor City Bowl appearance was the program's first bowl game, and he grabbed the game ball.

- Thinks he can play MLB at 238 pounds or OLB.

- Said his Senior Bowl experience helped a lot. "In the NFL eyes, I exploded onto the scene in the last year."

- About half the teams have shown him an interest, including Jacksonville, New England, Minnesota, Miami, Oakland, and San Diego.

Lofa Tatupu/LB /USC

- Measured in at 5/11 7/8/238 1/2

- He said the combine is more mentally draining than physically draining.

- Went to Maine first and then transferred to USC; Maine recruited him as a linebacker, while other teams wanted him as a quarterback.

- He said he has to make his mark on special teams.

- He said his speed and knowledge will make up for his lack of size.

- He plays coverage with a quarterback's mentality, which helped him garner 10 interceptions.

- His father played 14 years in the NFL, with Lofa citing his father's "blue-collar mentality."

Jordan Beck/MLB/Cal Poly

- He measured 6'2"/233.

- He will do full workout.

- Hasn't missed a game in his career.

- He didn't have a TV at home while growing up. Said his mother took it away from dad, who was addicted to it, to "save the marriage."

- He was a wide receiver and defensive back in high school.

- He thought it was crazy to play middle linebacker as a 205-pound freshman.

- He projects to OLB.

Alphonso Hodge / DB / Miami-OH

- Measured 5-10 7/8 and 203 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- He said Braylon Edwards is the best receiver at the next level, but Hodge said "I fear none, but I respect all."

- Houston, Buffalo, New Orleans, and Kansas City have shown the most interest, with Kansas City conducting a number of interviews with him.

- Played mostly press coverage and is trying to familiarize himself with playing off the ball.

Marlin Jackson/DB/Michigan

- He measured 6'0" 1/2/198 pounds.

- He is being looked at as a safety and cornerback, but would prefer cornerback.

- He said he needs to show the speed to play cornerback and figures to run in the 4.4s. Fastest time was 4.45.

- His agent told him that Michigan officials were cautioning pro scouts about his speed.

- He will do a full workout here.

- He is known as a physical cornerback who prefers man coverage.

Derrick Johnson/LB/Texas

- He measured 6'2"/242

- He will do full workout here.

- Of teammate running back Cedric Benson, he said "it's a privilege to out there and going against guys like that. He keeps you on your toes."

- Has a reputation for stripping the ball. "Every time I tackle someone, I think 'ball!' " he said.

- He said he can play inside or outside but figures to be a weakside linebacker in the NFL.

- He said he's similar to Derrick Brooks.

- He thinks he became more of a leader in his senior year.

- He said he rushed the passer more as a senior than he did in his previous three years.

- Growing up, his mother wanted him to play football but he was hesitant. "The coach was kind of mean to me when I was little," he said. By 12 years old, he learned to love the game.

- The speed of the linemen will be the biggest adjustment to the NFL.

Justin Miller/CB/Clemson

- He measured in at 5'9 6/10/201

- He played around 200 last year

- He loves returning kicks but wants to be a cornerback first.

- Named wide receiver Fred Gibson is his toughest competition.

- He will do everything here but he remains undecided on running the 40 here.

- He hopes to run the 40 in the low 4.3's with his best time being 4.29

- HE feels his aggressiveness is his strongest attribute and he believes that athleticism translates to zone and man off schemes as well as press coverage.

Ronald Bartell Jr../DB/Howard

- He measured in at 6'0 1/2/211

- He left Central Michigan because he felt he needed to to improve as a football player.

- He said he gained confidence by participating during Senior Bowl practices.

- He is comfortable playing any position in the secondary and has lined up at all three positions in college.

- He wants to play special teams as long as he's not a return man.

- He expects to run in the low 4.3's

- He lists Mark Clayton and Vince Jackson as his toughest competition (both were in the Senior Bowl).

- He is working on his footwork as that is where he thinks he is behind.

Brandon Browner/CB/Oregon State

- He measured in at 6'3" 3/4/221

- He played collegiately at around 210.

- He will work out fully

- He left school early because he felt he was ready to make the jump

- He wants to stay at cornerback but told us that since he plays a physical brand of football that he understand why teams could decide to look him as a safety as well.

- He hopes to run the forty around 4.4-4.5

- Lists wide receivers Reggie Williams and Mike Williams are his toughest competition.

Travis Daniels/CB/LSU

- He measured in at 6'0" 1/2/194

- He feels playing for Nick Saban has helped him prepare for the pro game.

- He will work out fully here.

- He said former teammate cornerback Randall Gay helped him learn to play the position.

- He considers himself a cornerback first, but he can play safety.

- He named Reggie Brown as his toughest competition.

- He hopes to run in the low 4.4 range.

Dustin Fox/CB/Ohio State

- He measured in at 5'10 1/2/191

- He will do everything here

- He said Braylon Edwards, Courtney Roby, and Bryant Johnson were his toughest competition in college.

- He felt the Shrine Game helped him in the scouts eyes.

- He said that he consistently runs in the 4.4's

Barrett Ruud/LB/Nebraska

- He measured in at 6'2 1/2/241

- He will work out fully here.

- He wants to show scouts he can run well and he hopes to run in the high 4.5's

- Clinton Portis is the best back he ever faced.

- He gained confidence during Senior Bowl week practices.

- He is working on improving his hands.

- He has mostly played inside but can play any linebacker position.

- The NFL experience of several of his coaches has helped prepare him fo the NFL.

Adam "Pac-Man" Jones/CB/West Virginia

- He measured in at 5'10"/197

- He left school early due to first round grade

- He allowed 1 TD pass this past year

- He feels that he is one of the best return men

- He played RB in high school but was forced to switch to CB in college

- He has interviews with 13 teams this evening.

- He named Chris Henry as his toughest competition.

- Interestingly, he played running back in high school exclusively and moved to cornerback at West Virginia playing that position for the first time in his football career. He said he made the switch due in part to being worried about holding up physically to the pounding at running back.

Mark Clayton /WR/ Oklahoma
- Came Close to breaking the 4.40 mark

Vincent Jackson / WR / Northern Colorado
- Also ran well

Chase Lyman / WR/ California
- Was excused from running because of a knee injury, but opted to run anyway and posted a 4.52 and then a 4.45

Leroy Hill/OLB/Clemson

- Measured in at 6'1"/229

- Will work out fully here.

- He said the biggest question scouts have about him is his size.

- He played at 225 in college

- Teams are talking to him about playing safety

- He feels comfortable playing up field or in coverage

- He said that former Florida St. running back Greg Jones was his toughest competition.

- He felt that Louisville linebacker Robert McCune was the most impressive player during Senior Bowl week.

- He want's to run under 4.5

- He expects to be a first day pick

- He said that Justin Miller's athleticism is superior and that he will make a great pro.

- Teams like him at OLB

- He has spoken with many teams since the Senior Bowl, Cleveland is the only one he named.

Carnell Williams / RB / Auburn

- Ran well this morning , besting the times Ronnie Brown good catching workout.

Ryan Moats / RB / Louisiana Tech

- Also ran well this morning

T.A. McLendon / RB / N. Carolina State

- Struggled to get under 4.7 as did Bobby Purify

Alex Smith / QB/ Utah

- Worked out in front of scouts, but did not throw. Smith has decided to showcase his arm at his pro-day. Broad jump was measured at 6'5. 

Bill Swancutt / DE / Oregon St.

- Measured in at 6'4"/270

- Has interviewed with several teams here including Dallas, San Diego, Detroit, Carolina, Minnesota, and the New York Giants.

- Calls himself a high-motor player with good speed.

- Really enjoyed his Senior Bowl week practices and enjoyed the intensity.

- He said that area that he needs to improve in is getting his pad level low.

- Said the toughest opponent that he faced in his collegiate career was Khalif Barnes who coincidentally has been working out with recently at the Athletes Performance facility in Tempe, Arizona.

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