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Shaun Cody / DT / USC

- Happy with bench press results

- Will run forty on Pro Day

- Says he has the versatility to play 3-4 and 4-3

- Happy to meet coaches and get the experience of the combines even if he did not work out

Demarcus Ware / OLB / Troy State

- Scouts have told him he will go sometime on the first day

- Believes he has helped himself by meeting with coaches and scouts

- Can play in the 3-4 or 4-3 and most interest is seeing him at linebacker rather than defensive end

Brian Billick / HC / Baltimore Ravens

- Said he would not come to the combines if it was not for the interviews

- Does not want to bump guys up based on what they do without pads on but says it is sometimes inevitable that players move up the draft board

-Failed to mention he was carrying a big notebook around and inside the RCA Dome on Monday to watch the defensive line workout

Mike Williams 

-Former University of Southern California wide receiver Mike Williams told a source close to Sunday evening that the reason why he decided to run on Sunday was because he thought after having such good interviews with NFL teams over the weekend, he didn't want to disappoint any of them by not running. He added that he made the decision to run on his own.

Williams didn't seem too concerned about his slightly disappointing 40-times and said he will be more than ready to run much better in early March during his private workout.

Roy Manning / LB / Michigan

- One Wolverine not invited to Indianapolis but is still generating some buzz is Roy Manning. Manning has been training in preparation for the pro day and is weighing in at 257, and has run as low as 4.53 in the forty. Scouts in Indianapolis have been talking about him and the Lions are among the teams that have shown interest.

Fast group of Defensive Lineman

- Headed by Jonathan Welsh 4.60 first 40,  4.53 Second 40.

David McMillan / DE / Kansas

- McMillian ran a 4.55 and 4.57 in the 40

David Pollack / DE / Georgia

- Pollack ran a 4.69 on first run. Pollack looked good in both DL and LB drills while Jonathan Welsh and Ryan Riddle looked good in LB drills.

Kevin Vickerson / DT / Michigan State

- Had a good showing in front of scouts.

40- Times
Stefan LeFors 4.62
Dustin Long 4.67
Josh Haldi 4.69
Adrian McPherson 4.72

Quarterback speed of ball
Kyle Orton 57.3mph
Josh Haldi 54.7
Adrian McPherson 57.2
Bryan Randall 55.2
Charlie Frye 55.1

Vertical Jump:
Matt Jones 39.5
Adrian McPherson 34.5
Aaron Rodgers 34.5
Chris Rix 33.5

Broad Jump
Matt Jones 10.9
Adrian McPherson 10.8
Chris Rix 9.8
David Greene 9.7

20-yard short shuttle
Alex Smith 3.96
Ryan Fitzpatrick 4.07
Josh Haldi 4.07
Adrian McPherson 4.08
Bryan Randall 4.08

Dustin Long 6.77
Alex Smith 6.82
Josh Haldi 6.89
Adrian McPherson 6.93
Charlie Frye 6.94

Wide Receiver 
Broad Jump:
Mark Bradley 10.8
Fred Gibson 10.8
Reggie Brown 10.8
Courtney Roby 10.6
Airese Currie 10.5

Vertical Jump
Reggie Brown 41.5
Mark Bradley 39.5
Vincent Jackson 39.5
Tony Madison 39
Fred Gibson 38.5

Three cone
Courtney Roby 6.60
Chad Owens 6.70
Jamaica Rector 6.78 
Rasheed Marshall 6.81
Mark Clayton 6.95

20-yard short shuttle
Reggie Brown 3.94
Chad Owens 3.94
Courtney Roby 3.4
Rasheed Marshall 3.95
Mark Clayton 4.00
Airese Currie 4.07

Mark Bradley 10.88
Airese Currie10.91
Rasheed Marshall 10.95
Chad Owens 11.08
Efrem Hill 11.08

Tight End 
Three Cone
Billy Bajema 7.05
Joel Dreessen 7.09
Adam Bergen 7.11
Bo Scaife 7.21
Kelly Griffeth 7.25

Billy Bajema 4.80
Joel Dreessen 4.81
Bo Scaife 4.82
Jerome Collins 4.75
Tony Jackson 4.80

Billy Bajema 38
Joel Dreessen 36

Jerome Collins 9.1
Bo Scaife 9.6
Tony Jackson 9.5

20 Short shuttle:
Adam  Bergen 4.10
Billy Bajema 4.25

Joel Dreessen 11.64
Adam  Bergen 11.60
Billy Bajema 11.72
Tony Jackson 11.82

Alex Smith 28
Billy Bajema 25
Bo Scaife 24
Tony Jackson 23

Defensive Lineman
Jonathan Goddard 4.72
Andre Frazier 4.73
Jovan Haye 4.78
Luis Castillo 4.85
James Davis 4.85

Chris Canty (leg)

- Late getting to the combine, because he had to take train as he had eye surgery and doctors told him he would not be able to fly. Canty is in attendance but will not workout because of a leg injury. ( Official reason - Leg )

Top 5 performers at Running back

Running Back
Broad Jump
Eric Shelton 10.7
Kay Jay Harris 10.2
J.J. Arrington 10.1
Lionel Gates 10.1
Anthony Davis 10.1

Vertical Jump
Marion Barber III 40
Eric Shelton 38.5
Kay Jay Harris 38
Anthony Davis 38
Brandon Jacobs 37

Three cone
J.J. Arrington 6.81
Carnell Williams 6.91
Noah Herron 6.95
Darren Sproles 6.96
Vernand Morency 7.02

Noah Herron 3.97
Darren Sproles 3.96
Ronnie Brown 4.08
Eric Shelton 4.08
Ryan Moats 4.10

60 yard
Ryan Grant 10.65
Alvin Pearman11.11
J.J. Arrington 11.07
Noah Herron 11.07
Ryan Moats 11.12
Darren Sproles 11.13

NFL prospects not participating in drills due to injury:

Marcus Spears / DE / LSU

-Had his right knee scoped on February 17. LSU has two pro-days march 9 and March 17 and it is unclear if he will be ready for the March 17 date and may have to schedule a private workout in April.

Justin Tuck / DE / Notre Dame

- Will not participate in drills --- right knee ACL from 2003

Mike Patterson / DT / USC

- Left hip flexor strain

Travis Johnson / DT / Florida State

- Will opt out of running and will run during his pro-day.

Bill Swancutt / DT / Oregon State

- Called a high motor guy

- Turned heads at the Senior Bowl after being named Defensive MVP

- Worked out at Athletes Performance

- Said he worked out roughly five hours a day

- Would love to go to Seattle but happy to play anywhere

C.J. Mosley / DT / Missouri

- Not a lot known about him early on as a junior entry and the last invitee to the

- After getting to know him, a lot of scouts like him and his high energy play

- Intrigues with his intangibles and is looked at as someone with a lot of upside

Steelers head coach on his team and what he looks for in a draft prospect.

- Called his 2004 team the most unselfish team

- Therefore character is huge for him.  Interview sessions are key for him and

- First impressions are invaluable.

- Watches how they interact with other players

- Turned out to be prophetic when he told Tommy Maddox they had a good number two

Five defensive linemen will not be working out at the NFL Combine,  three of those for medical reasons.
Chris Canty (leg)
Trent Cole (pneumonia)
Shaun Cody  (tight back)
Dan Cody ( Opted not to )
Shawne Merriman ( Opted not to )

Jonathan Goddard / OLB / Marshall 

- Hand timed at better than 4.7

Andre Frazier / OLB / Cincinnati

- Frazier also hand timed better than 4.7 which will help his draft stock rise. 

Luis Castillo / DT / Northwestern

- Big man Castillo turned in a time better than a 4.8 which will steady his draft position.

Vincent Burns / DT /  

- Burns looked well in drills.

James Davis / DE / Virginia Tech

- Davis did well during drills and may be a prospect who will now rise on draft day.

Tampa Bay offensive assistant coach Kyle Shanahan was arrested over the weekend over an incident outside the Have a Nice Day Café on South Meridian Street.

According to reports the son of Denver coach Mike Shanahan, was observed at approximately 2:07 a.m. being escorted out of the bar where "he was loud, belligerent and causing a scene, drawing attention to himself."

Richie Incognitos / OC / X-Nebraska

- MRI on Richie Incognitos knee has come back as negative. Many NFL scouts feel he may not be prepared for his April 6 Pro-Day in Tempe, Arizona. More on this story will come this week.

Jerome Collins / TE / Notre Dame

- Jerome Collins was the only TE to break the 4.7 40 barrier today

Heath Miller / TE / Virginia

- TE Heath Miller did not work out because he is recovering from a sports hernia

Alex Smith / TE / Stanford

- TE Alex Smith did not run because of left knee bruise but did participate in pass catching drills and looked "average" according to some scouts.


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