Wexell: Daily 2005 NFL Draft Diary

Keep up with Wexell's thoughts on this year's NFL Draft prospects and which players might interest the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Every dog has his day in the NFL, right? I mean, that's what the draft is for, right? Well, not for this dog this year.

After a 2-14 season, the 49ers have the first pick, but do they even want it? Does anybody?

Do you pay one-year wonder Aaron Rodgers? How about Utah's Alex Smith? Nice quarterbacks, but we're talking $20 mil here.

The more deserving pick might be Braylon Edwards, but the receiver crop is so deep, there's better value at the top of round 2.

How about a running back? Cedric Benson scares scouts in a Ricky Williams kinda way. Cadillac Williams is 15 pounds lighter and a half-step slower than his teammate, Ronnie Brown.

How about Brown? Yeah, there's my guy. A back-up in college for the first pick of the draft. Now there's a dog for a day.

With your NFL Draft Report, I'm Jim Wexell for Fox Sports Radio 970.

Let's set the odds right now on whom the Steelers might draft with pick no. 30. An impossible task, perhaps, but there's no better time than right here, right now.

And as we like to say before the flurry that is free agency, we cannot be held accountable for the Steelers' changing needs.

Dropping to 30 to 1 after sitting out the combine with a sports hernia is Virginia tight end Heath Miller. We'll rank him alongside Stanford tight end Alex Smith.

At 25 to 1 is Joey Porter-clone DeMarcus Ware of Troy.

At 20-1 are the cornerbacks: Justin Miller of Clemson and Corey Webster of LSU. The 15-1 favorites are wide receivers: Roddy White of UAB, Reggie Brown of Georgia and Vincent Jackson of Northern Colorado.

Longshots, all of them, but we'll bring this pick into focus in due time. With your NFL Draft Report, I'm Jim Wexell for Fox Sports Radio 970.

Yesterday, we tabbed wide receiver as the Steelers' top draft priority. At this time, we'll place the position ahead of cornerback since the latter's job description appears easier to fill.

Because of last year's rule change, receivers are now running free through secondaries as cover corners only hope to keep up. The days of the physical corner such as Chris McAllister appear to be long gone.

Look at the Super Bowl. The once-great Ty Law was replaced by undrafted and unheralded rookie Randall Gay. And look at the Steelers: Willie Williams was far more effective than the more physical Chad Scott.

The Steelers should be able to find a quality cover corner in the second or third round this April, so the guess here is they'll be looking to take the offensive. Again, the preference is a big deep threat, someone like Roddy White, Reggie Brown or Vincent Jackson.

With your NFL Draft Report, I'm Jim Wexell for Fox Sports Radio 970.

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