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The Steelers returned late from the combine last week because they didn't want to miss any part of the show put on by the DBs. That ought to tell us something about their interests this draft season.

The Steelers returned late from the combine last week because they didn't want to miss any part of the show put on by the DBs. That ought to tell us something about their interests this draft season. Anyway, reports are coming in and I have plenty of fresh and accurate information today, an otherwise bland news day for your favorite team. We also have a great interview about DeMarcus Ware.


The halfbacks ranged in size from Darren Sproles (5-6 1/8, 187) and Anthony Davis (5-6 5/8, 200) to Brandon Jacobs (6-4 1/4, 267). Although I'm biased against little backs, I like both Davis and Sproles. I didn't like Fred Russell (5-7, 195) last year, and he didn't make a roster. ... North Carolina fullback Madison Hedgecock (6-3, 266) topped all backs with 29 reps but lacks athletic skills. ... WVU's Kay-Jay Harris weighed in at 243. He's a nice-sized slasher type who had a strong Senior Bowl. ... Maurice Clarett's best time was 4.75. He also ran in the 4.8s and opted out of the agility and position drills. Word is he went from a fourth-rounder looking to move up to a fifth-rounder at best, probably a sixth or seventh-rounder. ... The duel between Auburn teammates Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams excited scouts. Brown was judged the most fluid and explosive in position drills. The 233-pounder ran a 4.44, with some hand-helds clocking him in the 4.3s. The 217-pound Williams ran 4.45, but topped Brown's reps with 19 (to 18). Williams showed fine pass-catching skills, too. Scouts love the competitiveness of these two backs. Williams didn't have to play in the Senior Bowl, but did. Neither "star" had to run at the combine, but did. Cedric Benson did neither, and is judged to be lagging behind the Auburn backs as a competitor because of it. ... With Brown and Williams around, little wonder Jacobs transferred from Auburn to Southern Illinois. Scouts say Jacobs is raw and lacks wiggle, but was impressive in interviews and has good skills. The 267-pounder also ran a 4.59 40. ... The disappointments were Lionel Gates, T.A. McClendon, Bobby Purify and Walter Reyes; those who didn't time were Marion Barber, Benson, Ciatrick Fason, Frank Gore, Ray Hudson and Vernand Morency; the injured was Cedric Houston (hyperthyroid). ... The favored fullback is Keith Joseph (6-1 7/8, 254, 27 reps, 4.69), a fluid pass-catcher.


Braylon Edwards he showed scouts he has more than skills. While receivers aren't asked to bench press, Edwards interrupted the second group of running backs and, in front of what was described as "a confused, yet energetic crowd", put up 22 reps and received "a raucous ovation as he departed the room." Edwards's action set off a run of others who weren't required to lift. Is Edwards ultra-competitive? Or is he a part of the new NFL Network generation? Perhaps putting the combine on TV was the move scouts needed to force more "stars" to workout. ... Matt Jones didn't impress with his route running, but his soft mitts amazed scouts who are judging the converted quarterback. Jones (6-6 1/4, 242) also ran 4.38 and 4.39 40s. His arms are 33 1/2 inches long. USC's Mike Williams's arms are the longest of the receivers, 34 1/8 inches. ... Troy Williamson (6-1 3/8, 203) ran 4.38 and 4.39. He ran smooth routes and showed good hands and moved ahead of Williams ( 6-4 5/8, 229, 4.59) on some boards, although scouts were pleased with Williams. ... Community College product Larry Brackins (6-4 3/8, 205) disappointed with his 4.66 40, poor route-running, intelligence and work ethic. ... Utah's Steven Savoy disappointed with his 4.65 40. ... Edwards didn't run. Neither did injured receivers Crag Bragg (hamstring), Lance Moore (shoulder), Craphonso Thorpe (hamstring) and Roddy White (hamstring). Geoff McArthur had a family emergency. ... White has the smallest hands at 7 5/8 inches.


The only blue-chipper at the position, Heath Miller, didn't work out because of a sports hernia. ... Only Joel Dreessen (6-4 1/4, 260) ran under 4.7 with a 4.69 40. He also did 22 reps and improved his stock. ... The injured who did not run were Alex Smith (knee bruise), Kevin Everett (shoulder) and Jonas Crafts (ACL). ... Smith did not impress during pass-catching drills. ... Adam Bergen (6-4 3/8, 265) caught 50 passes last season at Lehigh, but disappointed with a 4.83 40. ... Dave Kashetta (6-3 3/8, 247) ran a 4.91. ... Don't lose Jay Riemersma's number.


Jason Campbell is being criticized for not working out at the combine as the battle continues over the third spot in the QB rankings. Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith of course are the top two. ... Adrian McPherson (6-3 1/2, 218), who was booted off Florida State's team for gambling allegations, is the workout warrior of the bunch. He followed Braylon Edwards's lead and benched 225 22 times. He had the fifth-best QB 40 time at 4.69, behind Stefan Lefors (4.53), Josh Haldi (4.65), Dustin Long (4.65) and Bryan Randall (4.68) but is at least an inch taller than all of them. McPherson might also have the strongest arm, but is erratic. ... Timmy Chang (6-1, 211, 5.15) is considered the best late-round sleeper. ... My favorite sleeper, Sonny Cumbie of Texas Tech, was not invited.


The first player the Steelers interviewed after losing to the Patriots was Syracuse tackle Adam Terry at the Senior Bowl. At the combine, Terry measured (6-8, 330 with 32 1/2-inch arms and 10 3/4-inch hands. He didn't lift (or play in the Senior Bowl) because of a strained oblique muscle, but ran a 5.31 40. ... Khalif Barnes (6-5 3/4, 305) was the only tackle to run under five seconds. He ran a 4.93 and impressed scouts during position drills. His work ethic is questioned. ... Jammal Brown (6-5 7/8, 316) had the next-best tackle time at 5.06. He and Barnes are considered late first-rounders at this point. ... Marcus Johnson (6-6 1/2, 321) disappointed scouts with his footwork and may be not be able to play tackle in the league. ... The consensus top tackle, Alex Barron (6-7 1/2, 320), has the longest reach with 37 1/2-inch arms. ... Pitt's Rob Petitti embarrassed himself when he weighed into the Senior Bowl at 361, but was down to 347 at the combine. He didn't run because of a toe injury. Didn't lift either. ... Other injured tackles were Michael Watson (shoulder), Erik Pears (torn labrum), Wes Britt (fibula), Chris Colmer (shoulder), Joe Dunn (pectoral), Trai Essex (hamstring), David Stewart (hamstring) and Ray Willis (ankle). ... Willis, with 35 1/2-inch arms, put up 27 reps. ... Evan Mathis (6-5 1/4, 304) had the best 40 time (4.91) of the guards and put up 35 reps. He played both guard and tackle at Alabama and would be a great third-round pick for the Steelers. ... If not Mathis, Logan Mankins (6-4 1/4, 307, 4.99) is another guard-tackle who'd fill the Steelers's need for a back-up swing man. ... For pure physical potential, some team will take a chance on Maryland guard Clinton Brooks (6-5 1/2, 309, 36 3/8-inch arm). Scouts feel he has he frame to put on more weight, but his work ethic is questioned. ... BYU guard Scott Young (6-3 5/8, 312) put up 43 reps with long 34 3/8-inch arms. He also ran a 4.93 40. ... Nebraska center Richie Incognito (6-3 1/4, 305) ran the top 40 (4.91) of any lineman, and also put up 29 reps, but injured his knee in a pass-protection drill. He's not on the Steelers's radar screen anyway because of a history of team suspensions. ... The top center in the draft is Michigan's David Baas (6-4 1/2, 319, 29 reps, 5.09 40), who's developing rapidly at the position after moving from guard early in his senior season. Scouts loved his lateral movement and balance during drills. ... Ole Miss's Chris Spencer (6-2 7/8, 309, 33 1/2 arms, 26 reps, 5.18 40) is another Day One center prospect and North Dakota's Rob Hunt (6-3 3/4, 301, 31 reps, 4.93 40) is the top sleeper at the position.


Since I won't have any news on defensive players until the middle of the week, this interview about DeMarcus Ware will have to suffice. I see Ware tantalizing the Steelers at pick 30 as they decide whether to draft a wide receiver or a cornerback.

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