Cedrick Wilson Press Conference Transcript

CEDRICK WILSON<br> I like to say this is a great honor and I'm ecstatic to be in this situation, coming to the Pittsburgh Steelers. I've been a long-time fan and there's a lot of rich tradition.

With the fans around this city here I know we're gonna rock and I know we're gonna win and that's one of the reason why I'm here. I'm very happy to be here and I'm proud to be here. I'm just ecstatic to be around the guys and blend in and win a Super Bowl. That's our number one goal. Any questions? I'm dying to answer them.

What's your role going to be here?
Everybody has to fight for a job and I'm definitely going to fight to start. That's my goal. That's every guy's goal out there on the football field, but my role will be established probably after training camp, going into the season. It'll be a role I'll play to the best of my potential.

Do you have any aversion to playing in the slot?
I could play outside; I could play inside. It really doesn't matter to me. I can do it all.

The quarterback had a lot of confidence in Plaxico Burress. Do you think you can develop that quickly?
My main object is to definitely make sure that we're on the same page. He did a great job last year of helping this team be successful. That's one of my goals also is to come in and help this team be successful.

Why didn't the 49ers try to keep you?
They wanted to go in a different direction. They're doing some rebuilding, new coaching staff, new general manager. There were a lot of reasons of mine: I wanted to be on a winning team; I wanted to have an opportunity to win a Super Bowl, knowing that next year is a guaranteed year for me. You can't count the years to come, so I'm in a great situation and I'm definitely going to enjoy it.

Was this your only visit?
This is my first visit -- first and last.

Have you met the quarterback yet?
No I haven't. I'm dying to. He has a big arm and that's something that I think that, with my talent and his arm, we can really make some things happen.

What's your top strength as a receiver?
My strength is my quickness and my speed. My stop and start, I think, is better than any receiver's in the National Football League. It's something that I'll definitely be able to show the league, by having a good quarterback with a great running game and a darn good offensive line. And our defense here is awesome and our special teams are awesome. We were only one game away, and we're definitely going to get there.

Can you stretch the field?
That's one of the reasons why I was brought here, to stretch the field. That's my deal. I'm a 5-10 receiver and I'm built on speed and that's what I'm looking to do. What's your 40 time?
I range in the 4.3, low 4.4s.

What does your stop-and-start allow you to do?
It allows me to create tons of separation from defensive backs. Definitely with the new rule, those guys can't hold on as much. And fast receivers are becoming lethal weapons in this league. If you watch the guys on this team, Hines Ward and Randle El, and the guys in New England, those guys have been pretty successful so far, so the faster guys have really become a threat in this league and that's why I feel I can be successful.

Is being tall overrated?
I don't think it's overrated, but I'm kind of biased because I'm not that big guy. I'm going to always be on the faster, smaller guy's side. That's how I feel.

Why have you been a long-time Steelers fan?
My entire family, entire neighborhood, city of Memphis, they're at home right now just going nuts. My phone's blowing up as I speak to you because everyone wants to congratulate me. They're very excited for me and I'm very excited to be here. I can't wait to start.

Why were you a Steelers fan?
Just the tradition, the tradition of toughness. I feel I'm tough. Coach (Bill) Cowher has been here for 14 years and just watching him as a kid growing up, his facial expressions - it turns me on, it makes me want to play and I can't wait to see them, you know?

Does the organization sell itself?
It doesn't have to sell. It sells itself. You're talking about the city. You're talking about this place is football country, football land. I mean it's the best fans in America. Man, it's exciting.

What are the comparisons between you and Randle El and will you work well together? I'll tell you, Randle probably feels the same way as I do. Our No. 1 goal is to win. It really doesn't matter what role we're playing. As long as he gets his job done and he can count on me to get mine done. I think that's the most important thing.

What about the comparisons with a big wide receiver like Plax?
I haven't thought much about it at all. I know that I'm here right now and that's the only thing I'm focusing on. My focus is to get back here as fast as I can, get with my coaches so I can learn the offense so once I touch the field I'm not thinking at all, I'm just playing the game of football and that's all I'm focused on.

Can you play special teams?
Oh, yeah, definitely. I kick-off returned my third year. I didn't do it as much last year. Also punt returns, I'm definitely available for that.

Will whomever doesn't start be the return man?
I have no idea. I'm just here to be used, to be utilized, to help us win.

Do big receivers have an advantage getting off the line?
I never had problems getting off the line. I played at Wide Receiver University in college, one of the biggest universities in college football, and I've been playing for the 49ers for four years and I've been pretty successful also. My numbers have increased every year for the amount of opportunities I've been given. I haven't had many problems at all getting off the line.

Are there things you can do that big guys can't?
I'm sure there are, just as much as a big guy probably can do things I can't. It's just obvious. I played with T.O. and he can throw guys off of him. I can't throw guys off me, but I can make a guy fall. His feet are probably not as quick as mine, but he was stronger. Everybody has their strengths and everybody has their weaknesses. You have to find your game and I know my game and I use it to the best of my ability.

Ever use a Sharpie?
No, I never tried that one.

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