Kevin Colbert Press Conference Transcript

<b>KEVIN COLBERT</b><br> <i><b> Why was Cedrick Wilson attractive to you?</b></i> <br> The first thing is the versatility. Cedrick is a guy who has been a starter, he's played outside, he's played a lot in the slot, even when he wasn't a starter.

There are also the additional abilities to be a return guy and you can never have enough return guys in your arsenal. And really he adds an element of speed and that's something we want to upgrade and add to, and it gives us another threat. Another thing is, getting a guy like Cedrick, he's only 26 years old, so you're getting an experienced guy but an experienced guy with an upside and that's always a good way to do it.

Will you pursue other free agents?
We're not going to stop. You can only do so much and we'll step back and look and see where we are and continue to monitor the rest of the players out there and what the market is. We're never going to stop trying to get better. This thing will go all the way through the draft.

Do you have much money to play with?

We can. We're never going to lock ourselves out from a salary-cap standpoint. You can always make it work.

Is this the end for Plax here?
I wouldn't say that at all. We're going to leave it open for anything, and just see where it goes because a lot of strange things can happen in free agency. We never want to say never.

Are you surprised by any free-agent signings or those who have not?
No, not really. The market was pretty quick pretty early. We knew where we wanted to go. This position was a position we were looking at from the beginning. A guy like Cedrick was available and it was a good fit for all of us. I think Cedrick agreed it was a good fit for him and it was a good fit for us and we were able to make it work.

Did you have to restructure more contracts for this signing?

Who's your left corner?
Who's our left corner? I don't know. Willie Williams ended the season as the left corner. Willie left here as a starter I would assume he'll come back as the starter, sure, but he'll have great competition from the two young guys.

Is Max Starks the right tackle?

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