Q&A with OL Adrian Klemm

<br><br><b>Q: </b>How did the visit go? <br><br><b>Klemm: </b> It's going pretty good. About to wrap it up soon. I am just taking a tour of the facility. I looked around the town last night. So it's going pretty good.

Q: What are your impressions of the Steelers organization, not just what you see here, but throughout the years?

Klemm: There is a lot of history. My dad was born and raised here. So I have followed the Steelers for most of my life. It looks like they are getting back to those days. They are real close and it just seems like a great organization.

Q: Where is your dad from?

Klemm: The Squirrel Hill area. He grew up in Homewood. Now my grandparents live in Squirrel Hill.

Q: Where does your dad live now?

Klemm: Indianapolis. He is a teacher at the Jesuit school and we just kind of made that our home. I kind of followed my parents out there.

Q: Where were you born?

Klemm: I was born in Los Angeles. My dad went to Notre Dame so they made that home after I went to college. Kind of jumping all over the place, I went to the school at the University of Hawaii, so I have seen a little bit over the last few years.

Q: You have seen a little bit of the Steelers in your pro career in big games.

Klemm: Yes, luckily I have been on the better side of that.

Q: Are you the guy that can throw it the other way?

Klemm: I don't know about all that but they are two good organizations. That is still an option for me. I just want to weigh my options and see what everything is like here. And I will go home and discuss it with my wife and see where we are.

Q: What kind of role are they talking about?

Klemm: Primarily a backup, I mean they already have somebody there. That is penciled in at tackle. The starting tackle from last year you know he is gone. Nothing has been promised or anything like that. Just a chance, opportunity to compete for a starting role and that's all I can ask.

Q: Are you okay with being the backup like you have been?

Klemm: I don't plan on being a backup. I mean I just wanted to see the city and actually coming here and seeing the facilities and talking to coaches and everything. I just wanted to see what it was like. I already know that it is a good organization. I just wanted to see what my role would be if I came over here. And they said I have a chance to compete for a starting role and that's all I can ask.

Q: Can you play guard?

Klemm: Yes. When we played the Steelers in 2002 I played all four positions in one game. So I played left, right guard or tackle it doesn't really matter.

Q: Have you visited any other teams?

Klemm: I just came back from Atlanta and just came straight over to here.

Q: Is it just between Atlanta and Pittsburgh?

Klemm: And I have other that I'm seriously considering. I might take one more visit before I make a decision.

Q: Miami?

Klemm: I might not even take another one after this. We'll have to see how this one ends up. And after I sit down and talk with my agent and everything.

Q: Who is your agent?

Klemm: Ralph Cindrich he is from out here. So I'm going to actually talk to him on my way to the airport and see what they are talking about. The Patriots are still an option so I'm just trying to test the market, not so much money-wise but just for a change. I have liked some things that I have seen in both places. So now go home, speak to my family and then go from there.

Q: How is your health?

Klemm: I have had some freak injuries. I workout hard. I got the performance award for offensive line over at New England last year. I just have had some kind of bad breaks. I'm healthy right now. I came in and had my physicals today. I actually was supposed to leave at six but it took a lot less time then they thought it would. We got all my x-rays and everything out the way. I'm not a wreck like some people might think that I am. I'm feeling pretty good. That's one of the reasons I'm looking at other places, I just want a fresh start.

Q: What was it when you were a rookie and what was it this year?

Klemm: When I was a rookie I had a knee. Right before camp I was starting at left tackle at the time. And then last year I had an injury when I was starting at right tackle at the time. In one of the games somebody rolled up on me and a similar thing happened this year. I had one of my teammates roll up on me and I was out of the remainder of the year.

Q: Ankle?

Klemm: No it was a foot this year. I want to put it all behind me. Just so you know if I end up coming here that is the only reason I'm leaving New England. I want to let all that go and just kind of move on and start fresh.

Q: You have three rings?

Klemm: Three rings in five years that's pretty good. So hopefully if I leave there I can get with an organization that can continue that and maybe get another one.

Q: How many guys have three up there that you know of?

Klemm: I don't know, there are a good amount of us that have been there. Maybe 15 or so. I mean that is a lot.

Q: Do you see this organization being that far away from getting that fourth ring?

Klemm: You guys are real close. You handled us pretty good early on in the season and just the way the game went for you the first time, that's how it went for us the second time. There were some opportunities and we capitalized on it. You guys are real close. You have a rookie quarterback, who was able to do so much this year. Even though you lost Plaxico (Burress), not to take anything from Plaxico but the guy that our team looked at was Hines Ward and that was one of the keys in the game and the running the game. I can see that you guys are really close.

Q: When you look at the two teams the difference really isn't that great maybe just a break here and a break there?

Klemm: Yes, like they say, "any given Sunday the team that executes better..." That second game we just happened to get a few more breaks and we did all right.

Q: So you did pass the physical?

Klemm: Yes I passed the physical.

Q: You haven't played a great deal but you have been on those winning teams. Does that change you as a player or change your perspective? What have you gained personally beside the rings?

Klemm: Pretty much every game that I was healthy, I started. So this experience has been my type of environment, we go into games and we expect to win. We haven't had very many losses since I have been there. I think our worst season was a 9-7 season, which we were tied for first place in 2001. You don't really even think about that type of thing. You go in there as you're supposed to win, not hoping to win.

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