Brooks signing tips Steelers hand

The Steelers looked high and low during free agency and the best they could come up with on the offensive tackle market was . Barrett Brooks? Again?

The Steelers re-signed Brooks to a one-year deal in a move that is basically a cover-your-butt kind of thing. Seeing that the market was drying up quickly, they moved to bring Brooks back before some other team jumped on him, though that was unlikely to happen.

Adrian Klemm admitted last week that the Steelers told him they were looking at him as a backup option to second-year man Max Starks. Klemm didn't want to be a backup, even on a team with the talent to win a Super Bowl, and instead signed with Green Bay. Same thing with Stockar McDougle, who chose to sign with Miami.

Now I happen to be one of those people who do think Starks should be ready to play in 2005. But if he's not, Barrett Brooks isn't a good fallback option.

Short of somebody else coming free on the market, the Steelers must now take another offensive tackle in the first three rounds of the draft. I don't see that happening in the first round, but Adam Terry in the second or Logan Mankins in the third now makes sense.

As for the Steelers, they may want to send head coach Bill Cowher out to some used car salesmen meetings to work on his technique.
  • I was sad to hear that former Steelers linebacker David Little died at 46 years old while lifting weights in his home.

    During my first training camp covering the team, Little was one of the veteran leaders. But he didn't make it out of training camp that year because a youngster named Levon Kirkland had been drafted in the second round the year before to take over for him. And the bill had come due.

    For a kid like me - I was just 23 at the time and still very wet behind the ears - it was a quick dose of NFL reality. It wasn't what have you done for me, it was about what could you do for me.

    But Little was a gentleman about the whole thing, a true pro. And 46 year-old-men shouldn't die lifting weights. Just shouldn't happen.

    My heart goes out to his family.

  • The biggest news out of the owners meetings for Steelers fans is not that Barrett Brooks was re-signed, but instead that both Dan Rooney and Bill Cowher expect Jerome Bettis to return next season.

    They wouldn't say it publicly if they didn't feel that was the case, so barring an injury during his offseason workouts - something that could happen to an aging player - Bettis will be back.

  • The owner's meetings are going on in Hawaii. I'm in Florida.

    Funny how many people you see walking around places like this in Steelers shirts, hats, etc. A girl on our plane out of Columbus saw my Steelers postseason guide and asked about the team. She was shuttling back and forth between divorced parents, but both were Steelers fans - couldn't they find some common ground there?

    Anyway, things like that always remind me of the fine people on this site. You may live in different locals across the world, but your common bond brings you here.

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