Quick Hit with Steelers FB Travis Wilson

<b>Do you consider yourself to be a throwback type player?</b> <br><br> I do a little bit. I am an aggressive player. I love to put my nose in the mix. I am real physical and I definitely think I am a throwback player. I am not flashy, I am do my role for the team and I do what I have to do. I think I get my job done pretty well.

What has led you to be so successful as a lead blocker?

Hard work and really you just have to be tough. It is really a battle of wills with the linebacker you are going against. Whoever is going to be the toughest on that play is going to get the job done. That is what it comes down to in this position. It is not real complicated. You just got to get it done.

You have to know your assignments and that is probably the biggest thing that is going to be hard. Learning a new system because being able to play at your top performance out there, you don't need to be thinking out there, you just need to do. You really need to know your assignment and also film work helps quite a bit because you can see linebacker tendencies and just the tendencies of the defense.

Did it hurt you coming from K-state where the offense is not a traditional NFL-style?

I don't think it will. I played two years at Michigan State and I learned that system. Then I played two years at K-State and learned that system. I don't think I will have a problem learning.

How difficult was it Sitting out when you transferred to K-State ?

It was definitely tough sitting out. It made me stronger as a person and better as a ballplayer. Not being on the field, I got a chance to watch some veteran guys and what they do. I learned how to watch film better and I think it helped me. It was hard but at the same time it made me a better player.

Do you consider yourself a threat to catch some passes out of the backfield?

I have good hands coming out of the backfield. At Kansas State they didn't throw to me too much. When I was at Michigan State, I caught some pretty clutch passes. I won a game at Notre Dame, a touchdown catch. I had another one against Penn State. They gave me the ball a little bit more at Michigan State. I do have hands, but my role at Kansas State was to block.

Team leader to young player in camp:

I don't consider it to be that much of a difference. I know I am not going to be able to step right in and be a leader because not a lot of people are going to know me. You just have to do what you do and lead by example. Learn from the guys who are there and hopefully step into that spot after a couple of years.

Does that mean you won't be as vocal as you have in the past?

You have to feel it out. It depends on who the leaders of the group are.

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