Sifting through the sand

The NFL draft is now just over a week away and here's what we know: The Steelers still own the 30th pick in the first round.

OK. The regulars to this site know much more than that, as the Steelers' wish list is getting shorter by the day.

Of the players they've had in for visits, they seem to be centering on wide receivers (Mark Clayton, Troy Williamson and Terrance Murphy) and offensive linemen (Marcus Johnson and Jamal Brown) of the first-round talent, and cornerback types (Stanley Wilson and Domonique Foxworth) in the second round.

But, to paraphrase Michael Corleone, the true first-round pick has not yet revealed himself. At least that's what I believe.

Now am I blowing smoke here? Possibly.

But it's likely that - barring a trade up - Clayton, Williamson and Brown will be gone by the time the Steelers utilize the 30th pick.

That would leave the Steelers with a choice of Murphy or Johnson, a wide receiver in a draft deep with them, and a guard who's probably too slow to play tackle in the NFL even though he has the size to do so.

Who else may be waiting on the horizon? How about Demarcus Ware, Heath Miller or Darryl Blackstock? Any of those players would fit nicely into the Steelers' plans.

So what we really know at this point is that it appears that barring an upset, the Steelers will select a cornerback with their second-round pick.

That all could change within a heartbeat. That's the beauty of this time of the year. Keep sifting through the sand and sooner or later the true pick will reveal itself.

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