Q&A: with Chad Brown

In 1993, Chad Brown was drafted by the Steelers in the second round out of Colorado. In four years as an inside and outside linebacker on the right side of the Steelers' 3-4 defense, Brown had 30 sacks, including 13 in 1996. Then he left for Seattle as a free agent.

Brown was back in town Wednesday. He's missed 19 of his last 48 games with Lis Franc and knee injuries and a broken fibula, but he was active and effective in his last two games, posting 21 tackles with two sacks and a forced fumble.

He was released by the Seattle Seahawks, who wanted Brown to take a pay cut, and is making a mini-tour of the NFL. Earlier this week he was in New England. Here's the transcript of his interview with Pittsburgh reporters:


How much interest do you have?
My interest is very high. It's tough to replicate the Steelers experience anywhere else. This is a very special place to play football and to come full circle and end my career here would be awesome.

You turned down money in Seattle. Would you take less?
Although I consider myself quite capable of discussing money and contracts, I'd like to leave that up to my agent. That way I don't have to be angry with the team when they insult me with an offer.

Would you expect to start here?
I'm willing to be a role player in certain situations. I think I can definitely bring something to this team off the field as well as on the field. But I need to meet with coach (Bill) Cowher and those guys and discuss exactly what role they'd have for me, if the interest is there on both sides.

How in-depth were the meetings?
I shook coach Cowher's hand and he patted me on the back when I was eating lunch. So we'll see here. But before I agreed to come out here, he wanted to get Kevin (Colbert) and my agent on the phone together to see if we were in the same ball park, to see if it was even worth it. I'm here. So I'm assuming the numbers are pretty close on both sides.

Did you talk to your old coordinator?
I talked to Dick LeBeau at the Ed Block Courage Awards. He was the NFL Assistant of the Year and I was a recipient with the Seahawks. I knew the situation with the Seahawks was probably going to end on a bad note, so I kind of planted a seed in his head that it would be great to be a Steeler and coached by him again.

Could you play on the left side?
Coach Cowher called me before the draft 12 years ago. He said 'We brought you in and flew you in here and showed you outside linebacker. We just signed Kevin Greene. Can you play inside?' I said, Coach I can punt if you want me to. So same thing. I can play any LB spot. Over the years I probably played every LB spot possible and in every single defense I had, I had eight different defensive coordinators in 12 years. So, I doubt that there isn't anything they'd throw at me that I couldn't play.

You were out of position in Seattle. Do you still consider yourself a pass rusher?
I do consider myself a pass rusher, but everybody needs opportunities. So obviously the more opportunities you get the more sacks you can get. I would like to have the opportunity to rush the QB. I think I can help the team that way.

Are you done with Seattle?
They're not out of the picture, but that bridge is burning and I'd hate to walk on it.

When would you like to get this done?
There are a couple of other teams interested in me. I will do my due diligence and look around and hear what everybody has to say. I'm flattered that there's this much interest in a guy who will be 35 this season. Having said all that, hopefully in a week or so.

Your next trips?
No idea where headed next.

Marvin (Lewis) and I have a relationship. He coached me for three years. So I would like to see Marvin.

How can you help this team?

I played in the Super Bowl for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And I have been on the No. 1-ranked defense in the league and I have been on the last-ranked defense in the league. There is definitely a difference in attitude and in preparation and focus that goes into it and I can provide insight into that.

What is the allure? Do you see this team gearing up for a championship run?
The team went 15-1 last year. They have just a good a chance as anybody in the league if not better. I don't want to end my career at a place that's rebuilding for the future. I want to end my career at a place that has an opportunity to really win some games and make some noise in the playoffs. I was in Seattle for eight years and I have three playoff losses to show for it. I need some playoff victories and hopefully some Super Bowl victories to round out this game that's given me so much.

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