Ten Questions with Ben Roethlisberger

PITTSBURGH -- Ben Roethlisberger is in demand these days, but the Steelers' quarterback gave Steel City Sports a few minutes for a one-on-one interview after Thursday's practice. We served him up 10 quick, scripted questions and to his credit he didn't bail on the, um, lesser ones on the list:

1.) My sister is a big-shot volleyball coach and she says your younger sister will do in that sport what you've done in football. Is that true?

BR: I don't know that much about volleyball, but she is a very good volleyball player.

2.) To continue with the family section, are you planning on having kids some day?

BR: I hope so.

3.) How long do you see yourself being single?

BR: I have no idea. I haven't thought that far in advance.

4.) How have you improved as a quarterback?

BR: You try to get better altogether - reading defenses, knowing what's going on on offense. I feel more comfortable knowing what's going on on offense this year than I did last year. I think that's a good thing because I am more prepared out there and I can see things a little better and read it and make adjustments.

5.) What are you seeing from your wide receivers this spring?

BR: I'm excited about the group. I think we've got great leadership with Hines (Ward), Hines and Antwaan (Randle El). I think we've got guys who are stepping up big -- they stepped up big last year and they're going to continue to do that - in Lee Mays. I think we've got good new additions in the young guys and Cedrick (Wilson) coming over. Altogether we've got a bunch of different guys that bring different things to the table but are all very talented.

6.) I have to ask you about the report that came out last week about you and Plaxico Burress. Did you see the report?

BR: No. I don't read the papers.

6b.) It was reported that you and Plax created your own variations within a play. Was that the case?

BR: I think that's just called improvising. You make things happen. Sometimes things break down and your only option is to make something happen that's not necessarily in the playbook. I think that's something Plax and I had and I think it's something me and these other receivers also have.

7.) How will Heath Miller help you?

BR: Well, he's a big target. He's a guy who can run really well, good athlete, got great hands, and I think he's going to be an added benefit to this team because I think he's going to get great coaching from not only the coaches but the other great tight ends that are ahead of him.

8.) Is a tight end more of a bail-out guy for you when you're under duress?

BR: That's what a lot of people think about tight ends. I think our tight ends are a weapon. With the athleticism we have at tight end, they can stretch the field. They're also great blockers. But it's just an added (dimension on) offense because now safeties have to be cautious of a tight end and it opens up our receivers a little more.

9.) What will you do with your time off before training camp?

BR: Travel a little bit and play a lot of golf.

10.) And what are your goals this year?

BR: Just like every year: win a Super Bowl.

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