The Insiders: Adkins and Taylor

Lane Adkins and John Taylor from The Insiders Network to provide insight and rumors on the Steelers and from teams throughout the NFL.

Our goal is to provide any and all information on the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as every team and every happening that surrounds the NFL.

Just who are Lane Adkins and John Taylor? We are a couple guys that have been around the game for quite a few years, working in print and the electronic media, covering the NFL on a consistent basis.

During this period of time, we have had the opportunity to amass some very good contacts and are in constant communication with agents, team reps, and players alike.

Being said, we are pleased to have the opportunity to share with you what we hear, what we know, and what we've been told, in a tell it like it is manner. Without bias, without recourse.

What you read is news from angles of the NFL. If it is a rumor, you can count on us to be there.

If it is a fact or news-breaking signing, again you can bet that we'll be in the mix with that news.

Our initial gameplan is to place information on the site on Wednesday mornings with our Mid-Week Blitz column and Sunday mornings with our Sunday Morning Massacre column.

If there is some breaking news and tidbits concerning the Steelers, we'll be sure to drop those as well on the site.

Again, thanks for having us and lets get the free agency period started!

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