Q&A: Ricardo Colclough

Ricardo Colclough is a quiet guy both on and off the field -- and that's a compliment any cornerback will take. Colclough was used primarily as a third corner this spring and drew raves for showing a greater understanding of the defense. He sat down with us to answer a few questions after one practice.


How are things this camp compared to last year?
It's a whole lot easier than last year. It's still the same faces but it's just that since last year I know everything in the book. Now I can just come out here and play football.

How about getting that starting job?
I'm not really concerned with any of that. I just want to come out here and make myself better and leave it in the coach's hands. If they want me out there, they'll put me out there.

What about the new high draft pick?
Wherever you go, whether it's college, high school or the pros, there's always people coming in and competing for the same job you are. You can't look at that as a bad thing because that person will push you to the next level, so I'll just sorta take it as a certain thing and just try to make myself better by helping him out.

How do you get along with Bryant McFadden?
We get along fine. We socialize in the locker room and come out here and help each other out.

How did you play last year?
I think I did pretty good. There's room for improvement. That's why I've been back for awhile, trying to get myself in position to be ready for whenever they call my number.

Any big mistakes last year?
Not that I can recall but I'm sure there were some things coach would call big that I could've done differently.

Is the secondary of the future waiting in line right now?
You could say that because we're young guys. You can't really say how long somebody's going to play. But we are young.

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