Bites from the Still Apple

Thoughts on Elvis, Vinny and the Steelers this offseason.

I can assure you that this summer one of our high-priced players will be cut because a young pup beats him out of a job. I would bet real money that high-priced player is John Fiala.


I don't know about you, but I like our chances at a AFC North Division title after the dismantling of Baltimore.


Elvis Grbac may not play this year, but his career is definitely not over. He'll be back, mark my word. Some desperate team will think that he has above-average ability and pay him big money to start.


The Jets made a big mistake in signing Sam Cowart over re-signing James Farrior. I would love to get Farrior in here for a few years and let him take over for Joey Porter when Porter leaves via free agency. The kid is 26 and led the Jets in tackles last year. He is a beast.


One word for Vinny Testeverde: Retire. For the love of God, please Retire.


If Bobby Shaw leaves via free agency, I think the Steelers should take a long look at Terrence Wilkins from Indy. This guy can flat out fly, and he's been used successfully on returns.


I'm not too ticked off that Dave Moore passed on a Steeler offer. We wouldn't have thrown to him anyway.


I don't know about you, but the Steeler non-division away schedule is murder next year. At Tampa, Tennessee and New England. The funny part is the most winnable game is probably New England.


That contract extension to Hines Ward at the end of training camp last year looks like pure genius right now.


I really would like to see the Steelers trade down for a lower draft pick. The last time we had as high a draft pick as this we took Jamaine Stephens. I don't think I spelled his name right so you can tell how much I appreciated his efforts in a black and gold uniform.


A major key to success next year is a healthy offensive line. For once, we had a season with very limited injuries to the O-line. Don't expect to be so lucky next year.


Seems as if the Steelers are thinking about reworking Kordell's contract, let's try to extend Alan Faneca's first please.


I think one of the most bittersweet moments of the AFC championship game last year happened right before the kick off. Jim Nantz announced to the world that the stadium was "absolutely electric." 2 hours later, we could have used a hairdryer in the bathtub and lived. Steeler fans were incredibly impressive on national television, too bad they couldn't be rewarded.


I may be a realist when it comes to Professional sports, but I will say it again (Mark my word Still Mill): Anything less than a Super Bowl victory next year will be considered a failure in my eyes.


The Worst player ever to start in a Pittsburgh Steeler uniform? That's a tough one, but I'd have to go back to good ole' Mr. Stephens.


That's it for now folks. Happy March Madness. Go Pitt!!! 

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