Turnpike Tussle Continues?

Browns, Steelers gearing up for yet another restricted free agent tug-o-war?

At this time last week, the Steelers were in the process of rebuffing the Browns' effort to sign Oliver Ross by matching Cleveland's offer sheet to the offensive lineman.
This week, however, those tables could be turning as The Insiders has learned that the Steelers have been in contact with the agent for Browns restricted free agent kicker Phil Dawson
Vann McElroy, Dawson's agent, tells The Insiders that he has spoken with Pittsburgh since the club was notified that their own restricted free agent kicker, Kris Brown, was signed to an offer sheet by Houston.
McElroy was told by members of the Steelers organization that they were uncertain as to whether or not they will match Brown's offer from the Texans, which they must do by next Monday.  The club also told him that, if Brown's offer were not matched, they would give strong consideration to extending an offer sheet to Dawson.
For their part, the Browns have offered Dawson a contract, McElroy said, but the two sides remain far apart on a long-term agreement.  The agent stated that various proposals have been tossed around, and then explained that "Phil needs to explore all his options on the open market."
One of those options includes Buffalo, where the three-year veteran is scheduled to visit on April 1.  In addition to the Bills, the Jaguars and Texans have also expressed interest.
The Texans will likely make a run at Dawson, who attended high school in Dallas before becoming an All-American at the University of Texas, if the Steelers match their offer sheet for Brown.

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