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Bites From The Still Apple


·         Here's my take on the Kris Brown issue. I really think that the Steelers ended up letting him go because the fact that they could set a precedent with future negotiations involving guaranteed money made the Rooney's very nervous and in the end the guys who sign the paycheck's make the ultimate decision.

·         That being said the only reasons I really saw Cowher fighting for Kris Brown is fact that

1.      He fought so hard for Brown all year. I think he truly believes in the kid, how foolishly that may be. Incidentally, for right or wrong, it's really something to see Cowher standing firmly behind Brown.

2.      Cowher wants to keep the same team he had last year in tact. There is a reason why we haven't really tried to sign any other players other than Dave Moore. Team continuity and chemistry go along way in the success of season. Cowher recognizes that and wants to take advantage of this opportunity.


I'm personally glad we won't see Kris Brown here next year. Let the guy earn his money Texas. It was too much of risk. Thank you Coach Cowher for letting him go.



·         The key signing of this off-season will go down to that of Deshea Townsend. This gives us a top-notch backup for Scott and Washington. Mark my word: Townsend will be a starter for the Steelers following next season. Scott or Washington will be cut next off-season to free up cap room.


·         So where does this leave Earl Holmes? Well, I would think that he'll probably be in a Steeler uniform next year. The team seems bent on resigning their own. Besides, with the prospect of signing Wayne Gandy to an extension, the cap room freed would, I think, allow the FO to resign Holmes and give multi-year deals to either Aaron Smith or Joey Porter.


·         Speaking of Porter and Smith, I would resign Smith first. We've been able to restock linebackers much easier than defensive lineman.


·         I don't normally toot my own horn, but I will this time. Did anyone notice that I predicted the opening game would be at New England on Monday night? On Feb 21st I wrote "I would like to bet real money on a Pittsburgh at New England opener on Monday Night Football next season."


·         I would like once again to voice it out to the FO that we focus on extending Alan Faneca to a long, long contract. I believe he more than Wayne Gandy should be the first player resigned on that O-Line.


·         Message Board Posters Listen Up: I'm really sick of bashing writers when they voice their opinions. I personally didn't agree completely with Wexell's comments as much as I don't agree completely with Mill's comments. Mill's reply to Wexell while I don't follow all of his points is coherent and well thought (albeit animated). I would think Wexell, if he replied, would do the same. Just because Mill is able to colorfully articulate his thoughts onto the screen doesn't mean that everyone on the message board has that same talent. So if you're going to start bashing someone or something let's grow up a bit and do it with some sort of professional quality.


That's all for now!


Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!


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