Thursday afternoon practice: Farrior hurt

LATROBE – Bill Cowher wasn't talking again today after holding court with the media this morning.

That leaves us on our own to speculate about the day's events.

This much we know for sure: James Farrior missed practice with a back injury. It's not believed to be serious.

Also missing practice this afternoon were Joey Porter, Duce Staley, Travis Kirschke, Antwaan Randle El, Lee Mays and Walter Young. Deshea Townsend returned, but did not participate in the team portion.

Here's what we do know:

With three receivers out, the Steelers felt the need to add Chris Doering to the roster. He's wearing No. 13 for those of you who care about such things. To make room for Doering on the roster, tight end Marco Battaglia was placed on injured reserve.

Now, Battaglia was in on the Steelers' final goal line series Wednesday night and Cowher didn't mention anything about him being hurt today. Sounds like they had to tell Battaglia he was hurt.

Sean Morey was a no-show at practice today. Not only did he not practice, he wasn't there at all. How do I know this? Morey shaved his head Wednesday, starting with the top in the morning and finishing it off in the afternoon. The reverse Mohawk look is never good. Did Morey continue shaving this morning and scalp himself? Once again, we don't know because Cowher wasn't talking.

As for practice itself, it appears that newly acquired Chad Scott is not long for this team. He's developed a little bit of a limp and just doesn't fit the Steelers offense to begin with. John Kuhn has begun working out with the running backs the past two days and could be an R.J. Bowers type of player who can play running back or fullback.

Zamir Cobb had another couple of big drops today and really hasn't had the kind of camp he did last year. But, since there are only about four healthy receivers here right now, maybe Cobb will make the team by default.

Clint Kriewaldt replaced Farrior in the base defense and has really flashed the past couple of days. He had two big stops in the goal line drill with the second team Wednesday night and looked good again today.

Chris Kemoeatu lined up against Kimo von Oelhoffen today in one-on-one drills. Kemoeatu tried his big punch, which usually knocks the defender off the line, but von Oelhoffen caught the punch and held onto Kemoeatu's wrist, driving the rookie backward a little, but not all the way.

Somebody in the crowd cheered, "Way to go Kimo." At least I think they were cheering for von Oelhoffen. They could have been saying, "Way to go Kemo."

Max Starks looked good in the team drills working against Clark Haggans. Starks could be dominant if he puts his mind to it.

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