Five Questions with... Max Starks

As one of the few new starters on a team that went 15-1 a year ago, a lot of attention has been focused on right tackle Max Starks in training camp this year. Here's what Starks had to say about his progress thus far:

Q: How did it go the other night against your fellow Florida alum, Jevon Kearse?

Max Starks: It's good to go against a fellow alumni, especially a guy like Jevon, who's highly regarded. I got a chance to play against him a little last year in the regular season, but this was a little more on-on-one, so it was a pretty good opportunity. This week, I get a chance to go against another Florida alumni in Kevin Carter this week.

Q: How did you feel you played overall?

MS: I felt I played pretty well. We didn't really get in that much. I was in two drives, but just one with the rest of the first team. We made some good strides. We got the ball at the 4-yard line and put our defense in a better position, even though we had to punt. I would like to have played a little longer, just to work out the kinks because we haven't had that much time. But I do understand the coach's reasoning. We have another game Saturday, our second game in five days, so I understand that.

Q: Is the continuity there for you guys yet, or do you need to get out there for 20 or 30 plays together?

MS: Definitely. The game-time speed, you can't really mimic it too much in practice because you're not going to finish a guy. The guy is going to keep going in a game. You can't mimic those twists and turns off of stunts. There's only so much you can do off of practice.

Q: I guess in that respect, those quick touchdowns you guys scored didn't help the offense much?

MS: Yeah. We sat on the sidelines for so long. You don't want guys getting warm and then standing there for so long, you get cold. We didn't get our second drive until the second quarter, so it was something that since we have a big task with another game five days later, they didn't want to push us now. They'll wait until Saturday.

Q: Bill Cowher said Saturday that he's not even thinking about you any more. Have you beyond a doubt made this your job?

MS: I just want to go out there and get better every day and let the coaches decide how they feel. If I'm playing good, but they don't see me playing as well as they feel I should be playing, then that will raise concern. But I'm going out there and playing hard and they seem comfortable with me, so I'm happy.

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