Q&A: Hines Ward

PITTSBURGH -- After Saturday's game was over, and the crowds had all gone away from Hines Ward's locker, he was still agreeable to a one-on-one interview. Here's the quickie:


Q: Can't you lock these guys in a room and make them get it done?

A: (Laughs) Can I?

Q: You're the boss, right?

A: I'm the boss of my agent; I'm not the boss of the Rooneys.

Q: Isn't your agent having a problem with all his guys?

A: No, not really. He's got (Cedric) Benson. That's his only problem.

Q: Peter Boulware?

A: Well, Boulware's situation is a little different. I mean, look at the guys he does get done, like (Larry) Fitzgerald.

Q: You've said you don't want top-tier WR money and the Steelers have said they'll pay second-tier WR money. Why can't this get done?

A: How do you know they're offering second-tier, though? I mean, you don't know; you guys don't know what they're offering. That's why it hasn't gotten done. Yeah, on the outside looking in you're wondering why it hasn't gotten done. But there are two sides to the story. It's not all just my agent; it's not all just the front office. Can we come to an agreement somewhere? That's the problem. It's: ‘Hey, this is fair'; ‘Well, I don't think it's fair'; back and forth.

Q: Do you think negotiations are stuck?

A: I don't know. I mean, they're still negotiating and I'm stuck in the middle because I'm here practicing every day.

Q: But don't you have input?

A: Well, they tell me what's going on; the number figures they don't. They tell me we're close; this is what they offered. They know top 10, somewhere in there, and who's to say where in there. That's the whole thing. It's hard to speculate because I don't know what they're saying that I am.

Q: Is there progress?

A: Yeah. We're close. I think we're close. It's just a matter of fine-tuning here and there, just so I do get that opportunity to where if something was to go wrong they couldn't just cut me at anytime.

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