Five questions with … Willie Parker

Willie Parker has burst onto the national scene of late with some electrifying runs and the news that he will likely be the starter at running back for the Steelers when the season begins. But his strong preseason has only justified how many Steelers fans felt about him last summer, when he came out of nowhere to make the team. Here's what Parker had to say about recent developments:

SCS: Some people say that a player only has so many hits in his body. Given that you didn't carry the ball much at North Carolina or last season, your body should feel completely fresh.
WP: No doubt, no doubt. I feel like I have plenty of carries in me.

SCS: So you would have no trouble being a guy who gets it 20 to 25 times a game?
WP: I wouldn't be much of a running back if I said I would have a problem with that. That's what you dream about as a running back.

SCS: Everybody knows your story by now about what happened to you at North Carolina. But things seem to be working out for you now.
WP: God has a plan for everybody. Maybe his plan for me was to make me go through everything I did to make me stronger. I feel like he tested me and I fought through it.

SCS: Nobody questioned your speed before, but some did question your ability to run between the tackles. Do you feel like you've taken care of that this preseason?
WP: I think so. I don't really look to bounce everything outside. I look to go where the hole is. If the run is designed to go inside and the hole is there, I'm going to hit it. If the hole opens to the outside, I'm going to hit that.

SCS: (Offensive coordinator) Ken Whisenhunt said there's no reason you can't be a guy who can carry the ball a lot in this league. That has to feel pretty good that you've won this staff over?
WP: No doubt. I'm just glad they believed in me and have given me a chance.

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