Quotebook: Steelers pound Titans

Steelers pound, sound off on Titans in 34-7 season opening victory.

Kendall Simmons
How'd it feel to finally get out there for a whole game?
KS: Oh man, it felt great. I really missed it. It was good to get out there and get into a rythym.

Is it different for you guys up front blocking for Willie Parker?
KS: Not really. But I'll tell you what, he really surprised us today. Marvel (Smith) and I were talking. We agreed that we didn't know he had that kind of power that he showed today. We see him run at camp and you see the speed, but you don't get to see the power. He's not the biggest guy and people think that means he can't run strong. He ran really strong today.

If I told you before the game you would throw just 11 passes and you'd win by four touchdowns, would you have believed me?
KS: No way. But that's just the way this game went.

You guys just got to go out there and pound it at them?
KS: Oh yeah. That's what you dream about as an offensive lineman. Just going out there and pounding, pounding, pounding.

You sound like you're still really excited.
KS: Man, I may not sleep tonight. I'm so excited. To finally get out there and play again, I can't explain how much that means. And to do it in a game like today …

Jerame Tuman
Those first two drives for both teams, it looked like a tight ends passing drill.
JT: Yeah. I think their guys got more passes than us though. They were using the tight ends a lot.

Was it nice to get you and Heath Miller involved in the offense today?
JT: Yeah. We only had nine receptions as a team and we had a couple of those, so I guess that's a good percentage. I got the long catch and Heath got the touchdown catch. The biggest thing is that we won.

Larry Foote
They hit some runs on you early in the game?
LF: They caught us a couple of times and we missed some tackles. They are things we can correct.

So it's not something you're worried about?
LF: No. We only gave up seven points. We'll take that any time. We made a lot of big plays defensively.

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