Five questions with … James Harrison

Released three times in his short career, including twice by the Steelers, James Harrison is an NFL survivor.

James Harrison hooked on with the Steelers for one more chance last summer when Clark Haggans suffered a broken hand just before training camp opened. And Harrison took advantage of what may have been his final opportunity to become a vital member of the Steelers.

We caught up with him this week for five questions.

SCS: How do you keep in such good shape? What kind of workout regime do you have in the offseason?
JH: I usually just work out at my college (Kent State), but this past offseason, I worked out with a guy, Steve Saunders. But really, it's nothing special.

SCS: Do you have a special diet or anything like that?
JH: (Laughing) Yeah, it's special. It depends on what I feel like eating. If I feel like eating a whole box of Krispy Kremes, that's what I'll eat. I won't eat anything else all day but those Krispy Kremes.

SCS: So you must be one of those people who just have a special metabolism.
JH: Yeah. It's a combination of that, good metabolism, genes and luck, I guess. I'm blessed.

SCS: When Baltimore released you last spring, did you think it was over for you?
JH: I thought I could still play right up until I got released from NFL Europe (when he was with the Ravens). When I got back, that's when I started re-thinking things. But things worked out. I think that whole experience in Europe, while I didn't like it over there, helped me mature, smarter. And it gave me a chance to get gametime experience, so I'm thankful for it.

SCS: Have the Steelers given up on making you an inside linebacker? Have you played well enough outside that they are just sticking you there and letting you go?
JH: From what I understand, I can still play inside. I just don't practice there at all. I'm the backup for everyone except for James Farrior.

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