Five questions with … Greg Warren

PITTTSBURGH – When the Steelers brought in Greg Warren to challenge Mike Schneck for the long-snapper job, few thought much of it. After all, the Steelers had brought in a player to challenge Schneck in each of the past three or four seasons, none of whom could beat out the veteran.

But Warren, a walk-on at North Carolina who earned a scholarship as a long-snapper, won the job, opening the season as the Steelers long-snapper. Not bad for a kid who hadn't given much thought to playing in the NFL before the past year.

We caught up with Greg Warren this week as the Steelers prepared to play the Patriots:

SCS: Greg, is there any extra pressure on you knowing that Jeff Reed has a team record consecutive field goal streak going? His last miss came on a bad snap.
GW: Not really. I didn't even know about the streak until last week during the game, they announced that he had it. Jeff's a great kicker and I'm really happy for him. But I treat every snap the same way. You have to.

SCS: People on our web site have asked why other guys don't learn how to long snap?
GW: Honestly, they really don't have the time. If you want to do this well, it takes a lot of work. Those guys are so busy working on their regular positions, they don't really have time to get really good at this. There are guys who can do it. But being able to do it and do it well, there's a difference.

SCS: So is this right, you were never listed at another position? You went to North Carolina as a long-snapper?
GW: Yeah. That's all I did. I was a long-snapper in high school and I was invited to walk-on and long snap and eventually I got a scholarship.

SCS: That's pretty amazing. Most people wouldn't think of that as an avenue to college football.
GW: I didn't. But they gave me the opportunity to come out for the team and it worked out for me.

SCS: Did you ever think it would land you a job in the NFL?
GW: No. I really hadn't thought about that. I've just been very fortunate. This is a great opportunity for me. I'm just fortunate that it came along.

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