10 questions with ... the rookie class

They haven't burst onto the scene like Ben Roethlisberger did a year ago.

In fact, the majority of this year's Steelers' draft class – other than tight end Heath Miller – has spent the first three games inactive. Here's what some of them had to say about the year thus far.

Chris Kemoeatu
SCS: Is it tough being inactive on game day? You're a guy that's used to getting a lot of playing time.
CK: Yeah, it's tough. But I can't do nothing about it except stay ready. The thing about it is that right now, it's just a learning process. Shoot, for us a game is during the week when we go against the ones, the No. 1 defense.

SCS: What are they telling you that you need to do, be active?
CK: Just keeping my head in the book and studying, and keeping my weight down.

SCS: Is that tough? Even with what happened to your friend?
CK: Yeah, it's pretty tough. That motivates me to stay in shape and keep my weight down.

SCS: Obviously you come from a family of big guys, you're a big guy, your brother is a big guy, but it's not natural for guys to be 340 pounds. Would you be that heavy if you weren't playing football?
CK: I'd probably be heavier. Where I come from, that's natural. I mean 300 pounds is pretty average. It would be unnatural if people are small. It's pretty natural for me. As long as I stay in shape and stay active, that's my weight.

Heath Miller
SCS: Are things progressing for you as you would like?
HM: I think I feel more and more comfortable with the offense. I'm just trying to do as much as I can with my responsibilities and my role on the team.

SCS: What is that role?
HM: I'm coming in as the second tight end in a lot of formations and on third downs, or out personel as we call it, I'm the first tight end in. I'm trying to make the most of those opportunities.
SCS: People look at it and say that Heath Miller only has two catches in three games. But you do more than just catch the football, right?

HM: Don't judge the way I play by how many catches I have. There are a lot more responsibilities that I have to be good at on this team and I try to take those to heart and do the best that I can.

SCS: Would you like to catch more balls?
HM: Everybody wants to catch the football, but at the same time I realize that there's a lot of talented players on this team at the skill positions and Ben (Roethlisberger) does a good job of spreading the ball around. When he does that, it's tough to defend this offense.

Bryant McFadden
SCS: You've been inactive the first three games. What do you need to do to get on the field?
BM: That's what I was wondering. I went to my coaches and asked them if it was something I was or wasn't doing. I'm not used to sitting. They told me it wasn't me, it was a numbers thing. They needed to keep certain guys active for special teams and things like that. So I have to bide my time.

SCS: That can't be easy though.
BM: Not at all. But I can learn things from it. The other day, I picked up on a formation that New England was running. I saw them do it in the first quarter and when they went back to it in the fourth quarter, I recognized it. They ran the same play out of it. So even though I'm not playing, I'm learning.

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