Five questions with … Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith has quietly been one of the Steelers' top performers over the past few years.

Last season, his hard work and good play paid off with his first trip to the Pro Bowl.

But that attention has also gained him a target from opposing offenses, who are now accounting for No. 91 on every play. Here's what he had to say about it:

SCS: Are you getting more attention from opposing offenses this season?
AS: Yeah. To me it seems like that a little more. Teams are attacking us differently to make sure we don't do certain things. It seems to me that I'm seeing the tight end a lot more.

SCS: I've noticed you getting chipped by the tight ends more.
AS: The tight ends are chipping, backs. I'm not getting one-on-one with tackles like I used to get. Or they're sliding their protection and lining up the tight ends on the outside backer and bringing a tackle and guard down on me. It's a little different.

SCS: It's a sign of respect.
AS: Yeah, it's a sign of respect, but it's not a lot of fun. It's like butting your head into a brick wall.

SCS: When you look at what New England did, moving Seymour around, would you like to do something like that?
AS: It doesn't matter for me. When you do that, it creates problems for other people. I think when you keep people where they're at, Kimo and Casey are good ballplayers, someone's going to get double-teamed and someone's going to get a one-on-one.

SCS: Wouldn't that give you more of an opportunity to get one-on-ones?
AS: I don't know. It didn't seem like Seymour got a lot of one-on-ones. They're always going to know where you're at unless you change your number or change what you look like. I think we got good enough guys up front with the backers that if somebody gets doubled, that's going to leave somebody one-on-one to win that battle.

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