Five questions with … Quincy Morgan

Quincy Morgan's once promising career with the Cleveland Browns has been sidetracked by his trade to Dallas last season and his subsequent release by the Cowboys this year in training camp.

The Steelers, in need of some veteran help at wide receiver, grabbed Morgan up a few hours after his release by Dallas, making him the team's No. 4 receiver behind Hines Ward, Antwaan Randle El and Cedrick Wilson.

But so far this season, Morgan's stay with Pittsburgh has been marred by dropped passes, though he did give the team a spark in Monday night's win at San Diego with a key kickoff return.

We caught up with Morgan this week to get his thoughts about his stay in Pittsburgh thus far:

SCS: You gave the team a nice spark the other night with that kickoff return. It looked like you just took it and ran, is that your style?
QM: I haven't had a chance to return many kickoffs in the pros because I had always been a starter until now. But yeah, I like to pick a hole and then go as fast as I can. Some guys get it and kind of stutter step up in there looking for another hole, I like to get it and go.

SCS: That style always seemed to work better if you ask me.
QM: I think so. You've got to get as many yards as you can and go. If you hit a seam, you can take it all the way. I just want to do what I can to help this team win.

SCS: Speaking of that, what about that drop against San Diego at the end of the first half? That one could have been a back-breaker.
QM: Oh man, I've been reliving that one all this week. I was gone.

SCS: That would have been a momentum changer.
QM: Yeah. That just shows me that I'm not just a decoy out there. No. 7 (Ben Roethlisberger) is looking at everyone the same way when we're out on the field. I've always got to keep my head in the game.

SCS: Is that a problem?
QM: No. But with some quarterbacks, if you're not the primary target, they're not looking your way. I got open and he hit me in stride. It's a ball I've got to catch. It's a ball I will catch the next time.

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