Bettis Runs Off to Europe

Jerome Bettis heads off to Europe to visit the troops, while Antonio gets testy and the Steelers save a little coin.<BR><BR><A HREF="">CLICK HERE FOR THE WIRE!</A>

The major media sites are starting to slip back into their off-season coma, but continues our sometimes worrisome football obsession 365 days a year. The newswire is a little lighter today, but there are still some nuggets worth reading.

Topping the newswire today is the continuing fallout from the Steelers selecting Antwaan Randle El over Antonio Bryant during the second round on Saturday. Given that Randle El played only a single game at reciever during his college career, the Steelers are placing a big emphasis on athleticism over experience.

Antonio Bryant, the 2000 Belitnikoff Award winner was taking a couple of slots later by the Dallas Cowboys. Bryant, considered by many to be a potential 1st round pick found a convenient whipping boy for his drop according to a story in the Tribune-Review. Namely, the media: "The newspaper people, who don't even know me, relayed messages that they didn't even know about."

That'll show 'em, Antonio. Best of luck with the blame-the-media strategy. This corner hopes that Bryant shows the world via his performance, not his words.

The Steelers also snagged long-snapper Mike Schneck, obtaining a $88K cap saving along the way, and signed Penn State's Bob Jones to compete with him. Schneck's salary will be the base, minimum, disgustingly paltry amount of $450,000. Hopefully, he'll be able to pick up some Hamburger Helper and store-brand hamburger buns to make the food budget stretch. Of course, if Mike isn't noticed this year, i.e., makes no mistakes on snaps, he will have earned that cool half-million in the eyes of most Steeler fans.

Finally, we have the story from the Officialist of Official Sites that Jerome Bettis will be heading off to Europe to visit the troops and loiter around some NFL Europe games. Jerome will also hang with Paul Tagliabue and Eddie George while being continental. The story appears on both the Steelers Official Site as well as on the Tribune-Review site. Way to be, Jerome.

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