Q&A: Charlie Batch

If Ben Roethlisberger can't play Sunday, Charlie Batch will make his first NFL start since 2001. He's excited about the opportunity, but won't hold his breath.


Is this a potential roller coaster week for you?
Right now I have to look at it like I'm going to play in the game. That's the way I'll look at it until otherwise notified. We'll see how the week plays out.

What do you think?
Right now, it's too early to tell. I think everything will depend on how Ben comes back. He's walking around pretty good right now. As far as him running, we don't know that, even though in the game he hurt his knee early in the first quarter and still finished the game. I had to be alert because I wasn't sure at any point in that game whether or not I was going to go in, so right now it's just too early to tell what's going to happen on Sunday.

Is he resilient?
He's young. He has those young bones and he's able to recover a lot quicker than others.

What about playing at Lambeau Field?
I played up there before. I was four years up there, so this won't be the first time I've been in Lambeau Field, so as far as the mystique and everything of that nature, I think that passed me my rookie year. We opened the season there. I didn't start that game but we opened up the season in Green Bay so that initial awe was there back in '98.

Does anything stand out?
When you walk in for pre-game and look around and see the names up on top of the stadium and you realize this is where it kind of all started. So yeah I've been there. A lot of guys will experience that for the first time. Since Lambeau Field is not a field you see very often around here, I think a lot of the guys may not have seen it at all.

Do you think about the mythology while you're on the field?
If you're a history buff, that part of it will stand out to you. And when you go back and look at the older films, everything's about Green Bay back in the day.

How eager are you to start?
It's been awhile, so yes I am eager to do that. It's just one of those deals right now where you have to take the situation for what it's worth. A couple weeks ago I was preparing as if I was going to play; that didn't happen. I'm a little disappointed from that aspect, but now we're kind of in the same situation – all week I'm not going to know.

Did you get a raw deal in Detroit?
I wouldn't necessarily say it was a raw deal. When you have new ownership and new management, I think they want it done their way. But when you look back at the team we had before they inherited it, we were 9-7. Have they got back to that point? No. So I don't know what went on behind the scenes. I just know the type of team that we had. We were less than a quarter away from going to the playoffs that year.

Does it bug you that you've been scrambling for a roster spot the last few years?
I was a June 1 release, and at that point most of the rosters are pretty much set. Whether or not people were looking at me at that time, I couldn't control the situation. As you keep going back and forth, I don't look at it that way. I don't regret any decisions that I've made to this point.

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