Beware the aging veteran QB

After talking the talk but not walking the walk against the Baltimore Ravens Monday night, the Steelers face yet another subpar opponent this week at Green Bay.

The question is, will the Steelers come out and go through the motions, hoping that just by throwing their black and gold uniforms out on the hallowed Lambeu Field turf, they will come away with a victory.

Much like the Ravens, the Packers are a wounded group, desperate for a victory.

Brett Favre isn't what he once was, that much is for certain. But he's also one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. You can bet that if he leads the Packers into scoring range six times like Anthony Wright did with Baltimore Monday night, he'll come away with more than just one touchdown and four field goals.

You never want to let a great quarterback hang around, especially at home.

People will point to Favre's subpar performances this season as proof that he no longer has it. But for all of his mistakes, he's also capable of single-handedly keeping the Packers in a game as well.

You can't allow a team of lesser talent to hang around. After a while, that team starts to believe it can win.

It's even a bigger mistake to do that against a team with a star quarterback, even an aging one like Favre. You never want that team that Favre has that one last magical game against to be yours.

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