McFadden on the spot?

With Deshea Townsend possibly out in Sunday's critical game at Minnesota, rookie cornerback Bryant McFadden could get his first career NFL start.

Bryant McFadden has gone from being inactive for the Steelers' first four games this season to surpassing Ricardo Colclough for the team's third cornerback position in Sunday's 21-9 win over Chicago. And with starting cornerback Deshea Townsend possibly out for Sunday's key game at Minnesota with head and neck injuries, McFadden, the Steelers' second-round draft choice this year, could find himself in the starting lineup for the first time in his NFL career. We caught up with McFadden to talk about this latest turn of events.

With Deshea (Townsend) going down, I'm sure it's not the way you wanted this to happen, but you're possibly going to be a starter. Do you have to step your game up even farther?

Oh of course. I don't know his situation or status right now, but Lord willing, I hope he's OK. If not, I'm going to have to go out and step up my game like you said.

If you would happen to start, it would be your first-ever. That's something I'm sure you've been looking forward to all your life.

Yeah, really it was just to be a part of the NFL. I've had to come a long way from early childhood just dreaming and hoping that I'd get a chance to play. Now, going through my first year, I'm ready to take on that challenge.

Have you had a lot of ups and downs?

You have your good plays and not so good plays. But what individual doesn't go through that? You just try to learn from your mistakes and try to get better.

Do you think it will be you (starting)?

I'm not sure.

You got more playing time (Sunday) though. They didn't rotate you and Ricardo (Colclough).

Yeah. But I don't know the status of what the coaches are going to do. I have to leave that in their hands and just be ready to go.

Did they tell you this week that was going to be the case as far as you no longer sharing time?


Did you take that as a vote of confidence in yourself?

It let me know I was going to get more opportunities to show what I can do. I went out and played with confidence and determination to try to get better.

You made two big plays on that opening drive last week and then they took you out for the second possession. Did that rotation make it tough to get into a groove?

Yeah it's kind of tough, but that was the situation that was handed to me. When I'm out there, I've got to be able to go 100 percent. Maybe mentally you can't get into a game rythym-wise, but you just have to try to stay in it. That was the situation where I was at.

Chicago's defense was considered the best in the league, did you guys take that as a challenge?

Yeah. We didn't feel like we'd played up to par the past couple of weeks. We didn't feel we played how we were capable of playing. We wanted to show the world how we were capable of doing. That's what we did. We gave up a couple of plays to them, but it's nothing we can't correct.

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