Remaining Steeler Tickets To Go Fast

Steeler fans will need to act quickly this weekend in order to have a chance at remaining individual game tickets. Fans will need to utilize a form in this weekend's newspapers to have a shot. More....

The Steelers will allocate remaining individual game tickets for the 2002 season starting next Monday, May 20. The seats, most of which are in the upper end zone area of Heinz Field, will be distributed based on the reciept of a ticket form available in this weekend's newspapers.

It is critical for fans interested in tickets to get this form and return it quickly. The Steelers sent out the form to out-of-town customers several days ago, and sending the team a self-addressed stamped envelope to get the form, as recommended on, is now unlikely to get a response before all tickets are gone.

In speaking with a representative at the Steelers Ticket Office, was left with the distinct impression that timing of mailed-in forms was critical. The Ticket Office expects to begin receiving ticket orders on Monday and anticipates that remaining tickets will be distributed quickly. We would advise in-town readers to act over the weekend and get their ticket forms in the mail as soon as possible.

Individuals who get their ticket orders in quickly have "as good a chance as anyone" to land the precious ducats, according to the Steelers ticket office.

For more information, you can call the Steelers ticket office at (412)-323-1200. The Steelers do not accept fax, walk-up, or phone calls for tickets. To the best of our knowledge, these tickets cannot be purchased over the Internet, although the inevitable resale of tickets on eBay or other venues is an alternative for those individuals with deep wallets.

The way the Steelers sell tickets, preparation is everything. Get ready to slap the form in the mail as quick as you can and good luck!

- Staff Report

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