Q&A: Bryant McFadden

Steelers rookie cornerback Bryant McFadden appears to be settling comfortably into his role as nickel cornerback.

BRYANT MCFADDEN, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: You looked like you had a good game last week.

A: I did. I did some good things.

Q: Is it getting easier?

A: No, it's still a transition for me. I'm just getting more comfortable but it's not getting easier, not anywhere close to that. I'm just starting to get more comfortable and more relaxed.

Q: Aren't you more confident now?

A: Yeah, you know the more positive things you start doing the more confident you get. That just comes with the territory. I'm just fortunate and blessed enough to do some positive things and help the team and build off of that individually.

Q: Do you have one particular role? Or are they asking you to do more?

A: My role hasn't changed. I'm still coming in on second-and-long and third-down situations. I'm not trying to put too much pressure on myself to make things happen and most importantly I'm trying to be consistent. Sometime you might be playing very consistent without making any positive plays. People may not see you do the little things but when you watch film and coaches see what you're doing, that's always a plus. But I'm really not striving to put a lot of pressure on myself to make things happen.

Q: You're built like a safety and hit like a safety. Did you ever play safety?

A: I played that position in high school my senior year. My coach wanted me in the middle of the field, but when we played a pretty good receiver I'd go back on the edge.

Q: Would you ever want to back to safety?

A: Nah. Later on in my career, like a guy like Troy Vincent did. He had some great years at the cornerback position and later on he started getting older he went back to the safety position. That's something I would love to do as far as keeping me in the league, you know, for longevity.

Q: Eugene Wilson did it for the Patriots and he was a young corner and has thrived there. Would that be disagreeable to you?

A: No, it wouldn't be disagreeable. I'm not that type of individual. I'm not a selfish individual. Whatever I can do to help contribute in any kind of way I'd be willing to do it. Whatever the team needs and whatever they may ask me to do, if I'm able to get the job done it's no problem.

Q: Is that considered a step down for a young cornerback?

A: The safety and corner are two different positions. As a corner you get a lot of one-on-one competition. As a safety, sometimes you don't get a chance to be seen a lot, especially if the front four and the linebackers are doing their job. The cornerback position is more one-on-one competition and you're always being challenged, so you always have to have your I's and your Q's ready.

Q: They also make a lot more money, don't they?

A: Yep. Yep. That's the biggest one.

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