Steelers quotebook

Following are comments of the principals behind the Pittsburgh Steelers' 31-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Pittsburgh Steelers locker room


Q: What happened on the hit? Some people are saying it was dirty.

A: I'm only going to say this once. I was playing football, he was playing football, no more, no less.

Q: What were you trying to do on the play?

A: Sack the quarterback.

Q: It seemed like you were upset.

A: I respect everybody who ever played this game then and now. I play football, nothing more.

Q: Were they accusing you otherwise?

A: You'd have to ask them.

Q: Could you sense the emotion afterwards?

A: They had a right to be upset, they just lost their best player.


Q: It was a little chippy out there today.

A: I was having personal battles with their coaching staff. They made it seem as if that play was intentional. That was a clean play between the whistle. But they made it seem like once Palmer got hurt, they were done. They were yelling about it being a cheap shot. But it was a play that happened between the whistle.

Q: What did you think of the hit?

A: I told Kimo not to apologize, he didn't do nothing wrong. We were just playing football and it happens.


Q: Some people in the press box felt that hit was retribution for Odell Thurman's hit on Ben (Roethlisberger).

A: Man, that's BS. Kimo ain't that kind of player. Anybody who knows Kimo knows he doesn't do stuff like that. It was an unfortunate accident.

Q: This was a big win for you guys.

A: Yeah. To come in here against a good team like this and win is huge. But we've got to go and do it again next week.


Q: Do you think the Bengals felt they had to rough you up?

A: No, we were just two teams trying to go on in the playoffs.

Q: Did someone say something to you when you got the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct?

A: No. I was just being stupid.

Q: Was that one of the playoff lessons?

A: Yeah, it definitely is.

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