The unabridged, unabashed Joey Porter

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter says the Indianapolis Colts are still a finesse team no matter what they think.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter went on a rant about the Indianapolis Colts' offensive style of play and their claim that they were the more physical team in their 26-7 win over the Steelers earlier this season.

Are the Colts more physical this year than in year's past?
They don't want to play smashmouth football, they want to trick you. Not trick you like that, but they want to go in the hurry-up offense and try to catch you in something. They don't want to just call the play, get up there and run it. They want to make you think. They want to make it a thinking game instead of a football game. They want to get up there audibling, switching people out, make you switch people out. That's the way they play. Hopefully, we can change their game into our game, make them play smashmouth football.

You play the exact opposite.
Yeah. We come in, you know we're going to run the ball. We go play-action. We're going to be aggressive on defense. We're not really trying to trick you, but if you fall for a trick play every now and then, we'll do it to you. Our game plan is kind of simple, we want to run the ball and play aggressive defense.

Do you think the last time they outhit you?
I don't think they outhit us. If they would have outhit us, they would have just lined up and wouldn't have been doing all of those audibles every play. You want to outhit us, line up and play football. That's when you outhit us. You got your people, we've got eight men in the box, run the ball. Don't try to run the ball when we're in a 3-2 sub package. We've got three down linemen out there, then try to run the ball. That's not outhitting us, that's outthinking us. Now you're trying to play the guessing game. We've got to wait and see if they're subbing in five wides or if they've got a kings package on the field. We have to sit and see what package they have on the field. They want to try and catch you when you're not ready. If they were outhitting us, they'd line up in two tight ends, we'd line up in our eagle front and run the ball.

Should the no-huddle somehow be legislated against?
No. It's part of the game. It works good for them, obviously that's their game style. But they can't say that finesse game is physical. It's clearly not physical. If they were a physical football team, they would get up there and do what we do, line up and run the football. But that's not the way they want to do it. They want to line up and try to catch you off guard. That's the way they play.

Is that what San Diego did to them?
When you take a lead, you force them to play your game. If they have the lead, you have to play their game. If we put them in a situation where they have to chase us, the gameplan changes. Now they have to stop the run when they know we're running. If we get them in our game, they have to play our style. If they get us on our heals early, then we have to chase them.

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