Steelers-Colts quotebook

Here's what the Pittsburgh Steelers were saying following their upset of Indianapolis.

Here's what the Pittsburgh Steelers had to say after their 21-18 victory over Indianapolis in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Aaron Smith

Have you ever seen anything like that?
No. That whole fourth quarter was like bizzaro world. I've never seen nothing like that.

What did you think of your quarterback's tackling technique?
He did a good job. I just wanted another chance, that's all we wanted. Get us on the field and give us a chance to stop them.

You're out on the field for the field goal, what are you thinking?
I'm thinking I need to get as much push as possible. I was close on one of them.

What did you guys do early to slow Manning down? He looked off at the beginning of the game.
I don't think we did anything unusual. I think we played more of our regular package and didn't play as much nickel. We gave him a lot of different looks.

Is that something you guys learned the first time in here?
Yeah. I think the first time we gave them too many options. They could run or pass. We'd put our big guys in there and they'd throw it. We'd put our nickel out and they'd run.

It helps too that your offense came out and scored early?
Oh yeah. When the offense comes out and does that and you score points early it gives us a chance to run our stuff.

You guys controlled (Edgerrin) James except for that one drive in the second quarter. What'd you do differently there?
He's a good running back. I've got a lot of respect for him, he breaks a lot of tackles. But I thought we did a good job.

Maybe the key play on that drive and in the game was the false start on the touchdown they scored. They didn't get in after that and kicked a field goal. That was a win for you guys, right?
It's funny, they false started to move them back. Then I jumped offside. Then we stopped them on third. That was a big stop.

That was your only penalty other than taking a delay of game on a punt. How did you manage that?
We wanted to make sure we didn't take a lot of penalties so that we could keep them out of short-yardage situations.

That's the first time ever a No. 6 seed has beaten a No. 1?
First time ever, huh? That's interesting. We've got a lot of work ahead of us and there's still some football to be played.

Chris Hope

Is (Ben) Roethlisberger now an honorary member of your secondary?
Oh yeah. We can give him a spot at extra safety. You can't get me and Troy (Polamalu) out of the game, but we can find a spot for him.

You guys seemed to dictate to their offense. How did that happen?
I think if you look at the games we lost, we always got caught playing the opponent's style of play. When we play the way we play and make them beat us, I like our chances, especially when we don't turn the ball over. You look at the turnovers we had today, we don't get those, it could have been ugly. The interception that Cato June got, we were driving. That could have been a field goal or a touchdown. That's 21-0. You take that away, it's ugly.

What did you do different defensively this time?
I think it was trusting each other and not showing our hand too early. If you look at the way Peyton (Manning) and Tom Brady, quarterbacks like that, run an offense, they do a whole lot of dummy signals and dummy calls. But there's still 25 seconds left on the play clock. You show what you're doing and he checks to the best play for it. We really focused at practice on trusting each other and not showing our hand too early.

Jerome Bettis

What happened on the fumble?
It was a great play by the linebacker. He put his hand on the football and that is one thing you can never let happen, especially in a situation like this. So, it was difficult for me to deal with, but my defense they bailed me out and we had a missed field goal. So that was great.  

Did you see Ben's tackle on the return?
Great play. Ben made a great play in terms of just kind of corraling the guy. Because when you have your goalline people in there you don't have your fastest people in there. So, it was beneficial for us that Ben got him down.  

How relieved were you when he missed the field goal?
It was incredible. I mean, you know you assume we are going to overtime, so we have to get back and get ready to go into the game. I wasn't down or anything. I was just getting ready to go. Assuming that (Mike) Vanderjagt is going to make that field goal, when I saw it go wide right it was incredible.


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