Bites From The Still Apple

Some Really Quick Bites (Slowest Time Of The Year)From The Almighty Apple.

Bites From The Still Apple:


After looking at the detailed Salary Cap table presented by the Tribune Review, I think we can all guess who won't be around come 2003. Yes John Fiala, I'm looking at you.


I must say that the Cap table is a little deceptive. I wouldn't pay attention to any cap figures after 2003, because half of the players listed won't be Steelers or will have had their salaries restructured. That's life in the NFL nowadays.


I think that the early buzz on the Steeler's chances this season at a Super Bowl is very positive. I will say this though. Not since 1995 has any Steeler team had as much pressure on them to win a Super Bowl. More importantly, the Steelers should have a relatively easy time making the playoffs, but if you remember in that 1995 season, there was a stretch where the Black and Gold played Jacksonville and Cincinnati twice, which everyone on earth assumed would be 4 wins.


I think that I'll be making many comparisons between the upcoming 2002 campaign and the 1995 campaign. It's just too easy.


I may be the only fan on earth that isn't concerned about the Bus. Look, we won without him last year and I think we can win without him again. Besides, I would rather have an in shape healthy Bus for the final half of the season than see him wipe out after 4 weeks.


Here's my take on the Chris Carter affair. Everyone else in this country realized what Minnesota folks didn't: he was aging quickly. Then when the Vikings finally realized that they couldn't keep him, Carter had all but sealed his fate. Think about it, only St. Louis was willing to give him a major offer and that was AFTER Mike Martz begged his case to sign the veteran. Faint hopes of landing in Cleveland and Miami were just that: faint.


Something tells me that the Steeler FO has more brains than we give them credit for. They have made stellar decisions on cutting certain players. Best example is Levon Kirkland. The guy was too slow and too overweight. His best years are behind him. You don't think so? Ask any Seattle Seahawk fan how much of difference he was last year.


I won't be attending the upcoming Stiller Tape Review, but I have a feeling as Gildon-lover, if I did attend, I might end up pancaked by Still Mill and slammed head first into the toilet after spouting off my feelings on the Big Jason.


Play nice at the Tape Review boys. We are all Stiller fans.


Go Steelers!!!!

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