Notebook: Porter blows stack

DETROIT – Joey Porter finally blew. The emotional outside linebacker teetered on the brink Tuesday and lost his cool Wednesday. His target was Seattle Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens.

"I've been asleep all week but now I got woke up," Porter said Wednesday at a press conference outside the Pittsburgh Steelers' team hotel in Pontiac.

"I've got my first taste of blood and now I'm thirsty for more. Until now, it was: Watch what I say; I can't say this; I can't say that; don't do anything silly. But I'm ready now.

"You look for the guys that say something that aren't supposed to say nothing, and I feel like he definitely was out of pocket to say what he said. I'm going to make sure he owns up to those words."

At Tuesday's Media Day, Stevens commented on the Jerome Bettis-coming-home saga. He called it "a heartwarming story and all that, but it will be a sad day when he leaves without the trophy."

Stevens also said that Porter would have a difficult time going up against Seahawks All-Pro tackle Walter Jones.

It was a point Porter had made himself Tuesday. Obviously, he didn't appreciate Stevens saying it.

"He's too soft to say something like that," Porter said of the Seahawks' No. 1 draft choice in 2002.

Stevens is a 6-foot-7, 260-pounder with a history of behavioral problems. He caught a career-high 45 passes this season and is the Seahawks' second-leading receiver in the playoffs with eight catches for 79 yards and a touchdown.

"He's a first-round bust who barely made some plays this season," said Porter, who went into detail about his plan for Stevens on Sunday.

"When a guy says something who lines up in front of me on every play, I have to like that," Porter said. "He has to see me. There's no way he can hide from me. We have to meet – over and over and over. … I'll remind him every time I put him on his back."

Stevens, on Wednesday, didn't back down from his comments.

"I wasn't trying to disrespect Pittsburgh because I respect them a lot and they are a great team," he said. "But we are not here to roll over for anybody. What I said yesterday, I meant it."


Dan Kreider is listed as questionable with a knee injury, but Steelers coach Bill Cowher believes his fullback will be able to play Sunday. Reserve defensive end Travis Kirschke is also listed as questionable with a groin injury.

"Danny is further ahead right now than Travis," said Cowher. "Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade both of them, but we'll see how the week progresses."

Steelers special-teams ace James Harrison is listed as probable with an ankle injury. He missed the last two playoff games with the injury.

The only player on the Seahawks' injury list is cornerback Andre Dyson, who's probable with a quadriceps injury. Dyson did not practice Wednesday.


Duce Staley was part of the Steelers' first practice this week. He returned to the team after visiting his family in West Columbia, S.C. following the death of his father Lannie on Saturday due to lung and stomach cancer.

"He's an important part of this football team and it's good to have him back with us," Cowher said. "His father had gone through a lot the last few months. He actually went down there a couple of times during the season, so it was not unexpected. But he's back now and this is his big extended family right here. It's probably good for him to be here with his fellow teammates."

The Steelers are practicing in the Silverdome in Pontiac, which is located some 20 miles north of Detroit.

"This is a good arrangement for us here," Cowher said. "This is our little safe haven -- not as many distractions -- and we had a good practice."


Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren called his team together after practice Wednesday at the Detroit Lions' indoor practice facility and told them to expect a pro-Steelers crowd on Sunday.

"We played in noisy games on the road," Holmgren said. "I don't anticipate it being like that, but I think we will be the visiting team in that stadium. We're going to work on that the next couple days."

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