Polamalu's ankle sore

DETROIT – Troy Polamalu woke up Thursday with a sore ankle and has been added to the injury report as probable.

The injury to the Pro Bowl strong safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers was not mentioned in reporter Chris Colston's pool report after practice, but coach Bill Cowher added him to the late-day injury report.

The Steelers gave Polamalu an MRI examination Thursday and Cowher said it came back negative. Cowher also said Friday morning that the soreness is likely due to a change in playing surface from the FieldTurf at the Steelers' practice facility to the old-fashioned artificial turf at the Pontiac Silverdome, where the Steelers have practiced this week.

Polamalu is the star of the Steelers' defense and is a player opposing coaches must scheme to block.

"When I was with the Rams, it was Lawrence Taylor. You had to know where he was," said Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Gil Haskell. "Now with Pittsburgh, you have a safety (Polamalu) who's a very good player that is stretching the limits as to where he is supposed to be, and you have to know where he is."

In the playoffs, Polamalu has 19 tackles, an interception and half a sack.

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