Bringing you to this sea of madness

SteelerBlitz's media team refuses to come out and have any fun. It's sequestered in the main media hotel downtown in Detroit, and frankly we're beginning to worry.

DETROIT – The Super Bowl could consume a reporter if he let it. The TV's fixed on the NFL Network, transcripts are flooding the floor, the celebrities are swirling in the lobby, the black-and-gold are milling on the street below. It's a wonder anyone can get any writing done around here. Yes, that's what I meant before, so let's try now:

* I'm worried about Troy Polamalu's ankle. They're calling it minor – a "tweak" – but Polamalu's game is speed. He's not going to get it done with size and strength, and I'm not sure he's polished enough to get it done with guile alone. Losing that extra step – the one he has on just about everyone else -- could hurt the Steelers.

* You hate when youth is wasted on a bum ankle.

* For the same reason, I'm not worried about Dan Kreider's knee. Even with a bum wheel, Kreider has a chance to prove he belongs in the same elite category with Seattle fullback Mack Strong, who's considered one of the best, if not the best, lead blocker in the NFL.

* Hope that Bill Cowher doesn't have too much use for Kreider anyway. Cowher is the favorite in a big game, and that has meant trouble in the past. If he goes back to his preferred turtle games, he will lose again.

* The Steelers could eventually wear down the smaller Seahawks, but hope that Cowher doesn't even think about that until the fourth quarter. Come out winging and then gauge whether Ben Roethlisberger is up to the task. If he's on, as he has been the last three games, let him roll and don't stop him until you can wipe the foam off your chin.

* Lost myself a little bit there, but this has become an outstanding passing offense. I believe it's due to the growth of the quarterback. Don't hold him back, in spite of all of your stone-age philosophies.

* Mike Ditka had so much froth on his chin 20 years ago that he let William Perry bludgeon his way into the end zone with a big lead instead of giving it to Walter Payton. Ditka hated the New England Patriots so much, he lost his perspective.

* I'm telling you, it's the rabid-dog syndrome I want to see out of my coach on this game day.

* Kreider shed some insight for me a week or so ago. He said that it's not the match-ups or the personnel or the schemes that matter, because all teams at this point can effectively deal with any of it. He said what matters is how you adjust to the wrinkles opposing coaches throw into their game plans; that it's the difference between winning and losing. Kreider said it's what the Steelers do best: communicate and adjust on the fly. He attributes it to the continuity in the program.

* I attribute it to an intelligent group of 53.

* He said "program" for an NFL team; heh-heh, heh, heh-heh.

* Shut up, Beavis.

* The commercials are running non-stop through my head. Their advertising campaigns are working on me. I'm tapping out I think.

* Joey Porter loves his team. That's what I got out of that whole mess. Joey wasn't going to let some punk – and the rap sheet says Jerramy Stevens was a serious punk at one time – say anything at all about Jerome Bettis. Porter may look like a fool to the world, but he loves his team. I haven't seen much of that in a long, long time.

* Porter also amuses his team. He amuses me. A lot of people were also laughing with him Thursday morning during his performance for the NFL Network.

* I'm hearing "Heartbreaker" now on the Network, as the boyz in my hood are calling it now. "Heartbreaker" is a great old Rolling Stones song that has me thinking of Bill Cowher right now.

* I swear to God if he plays turtle games today, I'll lose it. I may even criticize him in the paper.

* For the most part, the ponies from Cowher's dog-and-pony shows we see every Tuesday during the season have made a good accounting of themselves here. They've grabbed the microphone and asked questions right alongside the Dave Andersons, Leonard Shapiros and Ed Bouchettes of the NFL writing world. Now, their questions may have been lame, and they had zero use for the answers, but they got a lot of face time, baby. And we're talkin' national face time, too.

* So what about the game? What about the sweet music I'd promised? Well, here's what I see: I see the Steelers with a one-point lead adding a late touchdown to go up by seven. And I see mad-dog Cowher going for two to put the nail in the coffin.

* It's a move that hasn't been done yet, but it's the right move. If the Seahawks were to come back to score a touchdown in the final seconds, bet on them having the momentum to succeed with a two-point play to tie the score. So as the coach with the lead, you should imagine the trailing team scoring seven or eight points, whichever it needs, to tie the game. That's why you want a nine-point lead.

* Hey, I've been waiting for that scenario all season for some strange reason. I guess it has to happen now.

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