Their day, their time

After Super Bowl XL, many quickly lumped the Steelers' latest world title with the four won by the dynasty of the seventies; not Dan Rooney.


On the help the team got Super Bowl week:
"All the help we got from Detroit -- with the Lions, with the city -- everybody went out of their way to ease our way."

On comparisons of the blue collar city of Pittsburgh to Detroit:
"Very much so, you see that it is very much like Pittsburgh. They have some of the same problems we do and they have stayed with it. I wish them nothing but much success."

On the meaning of winning a championship with it possibly being Jerome Bettis' last game:
"That was great, and that was wonderful. We wanted to do that. The players wanted to bring him home. We did, and he played well."

On wanting to win a championship for Coach Cowher much like Cowher said he wanted one for Rooney:
"Very much so. He's been great for us, and what he did has been excellent. I really feel honored that he thinks that way. Our relationship is so good that it is very, very meaningful."

On thinking about the moment of getting the trophy like his dad did after Super Bowl IX:
"I did (think about it) this week for sure. It was great to continue the legacy and things like that."

On if he is putting the trophy with the other four:
"It is going to be by itself, I think. That is what our hope is, to do it that way."

On wanting the team to win it for themselves and not ‘one for the thumb':
"I feel that this was their day and their time. That is the way I looked at it."

On similarities with Super Bowl IX:
"It was very similar, which was out first. I would equate this closely with that."

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