Roethlisberger did just enough

Ben Roethlisberger has had better stat lines. But, the player that Bill Cowher called "a gamer" ran when he had to, blocked when he had to, and made enough plays throwing the football to enable a world champion.


On getting the win despite not having his best game:
"We got the win and that's all that matters. Boy, it feels so good."

On completing the third-and-long pass to WR Hines Ward in the second quarter:
"I came over there trying to buy as much time as I could. I knew it was third-and-long, I turned and looked to see if (Grant) Wistrom was coming and he was down; I figured I had a little bit more time to kind of buy and I saw Hines really make a move and cut it up to the right side. If I would have thrown it a little harder it would have been a touchdown. He made a great play coming back for it."

On how rewarding it was to win the Super Bowl in what was Jerome Bettis' final game:
"It was awesome. I promised Jerome last year that I would get him here – I didn't promise him that I would win it but I promised him that I would get him here. Then after the Cincinnati game I promised him that I would get him four game balls. I'm just glad that I could fulfill the promises that I made to him."

On the contribution of the offensive line on RB Willie Parker's 75-yard run:
"The offensive line did a great job of opening up a hole for Willie (Parker) and once Willie gets through a hole, there's no way anyone is going to catch him – he's too fast. He broke loose and there was no one even close to him."

On whether he realizes that he just won the Super Bowl:
"I can't even believe it's real right now. It will start to sink in though here pretty soon."

On the Steelers' defense:
"You can't say enough about our defense. They've picked us up throughout the year when our offense hasn't been doing as well. In the first half they did a phenomenal job of really keeping us in the game and in the second half they came out and did the same thing."

On Hines Ward's performance tonight:
"Are you kidding me? Hines was going to kill himself because he dropped a touchdown pass. But you know what? He came out and made plays when he had to and that's what he does; that's the trust that I have in him – that he's going to make plays when I need him to and he did it. I'm glad that he played the way that he did."

On whether his touchdown run in the second quarter was an improvisation:
"It was a designed call."

On how it feels to be World Champions:
"It feels amazing. To be able to win this, here with Jerome (Bettis) in his hometown and with the offensive linemen and all of the other guys that put in a lot of work – it's just absolutely amazing. I finally get to shave, so I can't wait."

On whether he was nervous at all during the game:
Oh yeah – the whole game. Usually when the other team gets the ball first, I don't feel quite as nervous when I go in there and I was still nervous to go in there. It was probably the most nervous I've been before any professional football game."

On if he imagined that he would have the kind of performance that he had:
"No, when you think about the Super Bowl, you imagine yourself coming out and playing your best football and it wasn't that way. I couldn't get it done throwing the ball today for whatever reason. So we ran the ball a lot and I threw a block in there."

On if CB Kelly Herndon jumped the route on the interception he threw in the redzone during the third quarter:
"Yeah, it was one of those ones that my mind told me to throw it over the top and my arm just didn't do it. I read it out perfect and I just didn't make the throw that I needed to make. If I could take it back, I would."

On what he was thinking with 0:03 left in the game:
"Get the ball for Jerome (Bettis)."

On what it means to him to win the Super Bowl:
"It means everything. I lost my grandfather this summer – to win it for him; to win if for Jerome (Bettis); my offensive linemen, I love those guys to death, I told them that they have given me their all the whole year and that I can't ask for much more from those guys and they did it. To win it for all the troops that are over seas. It means so much that they're over there fighting for us so that we can come out here and play this game. I know there's a lot of Steelers fans over there so we won this one for them and hopefully it will give some of them (a lift) and hopefully some of them are running around, jumping around right now."

On now being the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl and being mentioned amongst some of the all-time NFL greats:
"It feels good. Those guys are the best that played the game. Tom (Brady) is obviously up there with them. I wouldn't put myself there but if people want to say that then hey, I'll take it. It's a complement."

On whether he was able to savor this and enjoy being in the Super Bowl:
"Yes I did; throughout the game. I just enjoyed – seeing all of the flashbulbs all of the time and to just enjoy it. I felt the adrenaline and I'll have mental images forever now."

On having a majority of the fan support:
"Oh it was loud. It was great to have all of our fans out there. The support that we had – they were absolutely amazing. They got quiet we needed them to be quiet and they got super loud when we needed them to be loud. So give our fans a lot of credit, we love them to death."

On the performance of his supporting cast on offense:
"I've bragged on those guys all year and I always will. The front-five were absolutely amazing. Our offensive line did an unbelievable job of opening holes; giving me time. Hines Ward made so many plays today; Cedric (Wilson), Antwaan (Randle El) and Willie Parker and Jerome (Bettis) – you can't say enough about all those guys. They're not my supporting cast, I'm their supporting cast."

On whether the defense being so reliable takes pressure off of him:
"It helps when they are playing as well as they are. Throwing two picks and having those two turnovers, that's the recipe for disaster. Our defense did a great job of being able to win this game for us."

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