Could Law be the answer?

At 32, Ty Law could be ready to make a position switch similar to the one Rod Woodson made to prolong his career.

The New York Jets released Aliquippa native Ty Law Wednesday as part of a salary cap purge.

That was the bad news for Law.

The good news is that even at 32, the 11-year NFL veteran has some options, one of which could prolong his career another three or four seasons.

Just as Rod Woodson did after leaving the Steelers, Law should be convinced that the best way to play another three or four seasons and assure his status as an NFL Hall of Fame player would be to shift from cornerback to free safety.

Though his coverage skills are slipping, Law showed in 2005 that he is still a ballhawk by recording a career-high 10 interceptions, giving him 46 for his career.

Where would Law end up as a free safety?

The Pittsburgh Steelers would certainly be interested, especially considering their own starting free safety, Chris Hope, is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next week.

Law signed with the Jets last year after visiting with the Steelers, a move that could lay some of the groundwork for the Western Pennsylvania native to come home. He knows the Steelers, they know him.

If he wants to take a couple of more runs at the Super Bowl – he already owns three Super Bowl rings from his days with New England – Pittsburgh would be the place to do it.

Courtesy of the Observer-Reporter

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