">"> Board Administration Policies seeks to create the best possible forums and has adopted the most aggressive privacy policies of any fan-controlled Steelers site. Our approach is to actively listen to our visitors and change when we need to change. Comments? Please feel free to contact us at <A HREF=""></A> Forum Administration Policies

1. While defends the right of Steeler fans to voice their opinions on our forums, please note that the following items will result in the deletion of messages from this board due to content:

- Obscene or gratiutously large images

- Personal information revealed against the wishes of any individual.

- Spam or blatant advertising

- Threats of violence toward board members

- Posts which exist to disrupt the flow of conversation through either intentional or unintentional formatting.

We do not like to remove messages from the message board and believe strongly that Internet message forums are a place where First Amendment rights are to be defended. However, the purpose of our forums are to focus on discussion of Steeler football, and we will reserve the right to remove posts whose sole purpose is to disrupt that discussion.

We will do our best to notify all board visitors when posts have been removed from the site.

2. It is our intent to make the most secure fan-controlled Steelers board on the web, and to ensure that all personal information remains private. Personal information, including IP addresses, will be zealously protected by the board administrators, who will be the only individuals entrusted with this information. IP addresses will be banned only in cases of post forgery or repeated attempts to disrupt the board. All other personal information will be protected as per privacy policies. Revelation, or the attempted acquisition, of personal information of any board posters will not be tolerated and will be removed as quickly as possible.

3. Posts, other than those outlined above, will not be removed based on the content of the posts, although has the right to move posts to the most appropriate forum.

It is unfortunate that we have to spell out these policies. However, activity on both this forum and others have, in the past, indicated that there is a need to expressly spell out board administration policies. We encourage other Steeler fan sites to adopt similar policies.


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