10 Questions to kick off the season

Food for thought that involves a guy from Johnstown and a screen door.

While sitting here pondering about the upcoming Steeler season, I came up with a few good questions, that maybe yunz can provide some feedback on the messageboard.

  1. Probably the biggest question. Was 2001 another flash-in-the-pan year for Kordell Stewart, or a sign of things to come? Personally, I think this is the year that Kordell excells game 1 to the Super Bowl. Pretty much everything is the same for consecutive years for him for the first time since high school. Bottom line: HE MUST EXCELL. There are no excuses. If he has a great year, he should be extended, if not, its time to cut our losses and draft a QB in the next draft in the 1st round. Great crop...let's not miss out.
  2. Will Jerome be healthy? A groin injury is a kind of nagging injury that can bother a guy for awhile. IMO: Bettis should be healthy/in-shape enough to tote the ball 20 times a game. Amos and Fu should split about 12 carries a game, going with whoever got the hot feet. This will give us great balance, yet keep our backs with good wind.
  3. Who will start at right guard? Currently, Oliver Ross is penciled in. I don't think Ross has good enough pulling ability to play RG for us. I think either Keydrick Vincent or Kendall Simmons wins this battle. (Simmons will win if he gets a chance)
  4. Was it really Kris Brown or was it Heinz Field? Someone made the astute observation that it was the field, but Brown didn't make the necessary adjustments. Here's hoping that Peterson can. I think we really should take a good long look at Joe O'Donnell, whose been putting up solid numbers over in NFLE
  5. Exactly how good will Burress be ? I think Burress puts it all together this year and has a great season. Towards the end of last year, he shyed away from using his body to catch the ball, showing an ability to go get the ball. Great work Kenny, keep it up
  6. Will other teams copy the pattern of the Patriots? New England had probably the best gameplan against our WRs; double up Plex, put the best man on Ward man-to-man, no matter where he is on the field. This is where Kordell has to make the reads to his TEs, slot guys, and backs. If he does...its $$$.
  7. Can anyone in the AFC North win the division other than the Pittsburgh Steelers? Highly doubtful. Cincy is a good QB, and some O-line away. Cleveland drafted a headcase in William Green, who's unproven and could be either a Blair Thomas, or a Corey Dillon. Earl Homes as the MLB in a 4-3 with bad knees....bad idea. Baltimore? Baltimore got more holes than your average screen door. Maybe in 2005.
  8. Will Farrior start? Right now Fiala is penciled in as starting "buck" ILB. Which is expected. He's played the buck since coming to the Steelers, so he does have the experience. He's a solid tackler who knows the system. Farrior, however possesses the physical attributes I think our buck LB needs. He has very good tackling skills, and has better than average speed. Farrior will be counted upon to help out covering TEs, which as we all know, were a killer. I think Farrior wins once he grasps the system, no matter what Khaleem says. ;)
  9. Will we ever have a good red-zone offense? Hopefully, since Bettis can't carry the ball 25-30 times a game, we'll open up the offense more, and take more shots into the endzone. If not, Peterson leads the league in FG attempts. Money in the bank
  10. Are we the best doggone team in football? Yes. Period.

(all questions subject to change upon injuries)



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