Cowher may get $6 million per season

What's a Super Bowl victory worth to Bill Cowher?

Perhaps as much as $6 million per season if negotiations for a new contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers go Bill Cowher's way.

Cowher and the Steelers are ready to open negotiations on a new contract for their Super Bowl winning coach. And considering the $5 million per season range has been the going salary for coaches in recent seasons, there's no reason to expect Cowher not to ask for $6 million per year.

Cowher's contract goes through the 2007 season and the Steelers have never failed to extend it with two seasons left, even doing so the past two times after Cowher was coming off losing seasons.

His last contract, signed following a disasterous 2003 campaign, paid him $3.4 million, among the top 10 coaches in the league last season.

Considering the Miami Dolphins gave unproven – at least at the NFL level – Nick Saban a five-year deal worth $22.5 million, there's no reason to believe Cowher won't get more.

In fact, there's no reason to think Cowher won't try to top the contract of Washington's Joe Gibbs, a Hall of Famer who got just over $5 million per season to return to the Redskins.

Just imagine what Chuck Noll could have asked for after winning his fourth Super Bowl in six years in 1980.

Courtesy of the Observer-Reporter

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