StillBombed's 2002 NFC Outlook

StillBombed's Look into the NFC

I'll try to take a stab at shaping up the NFC.


  1. San Francisco 12-4
  2. Saint Louis     11-5
  3. Seattle             9-7
  4. Arizona            6-10

San Francisco had no major losses, and the significant players they did lose, Lance Schulters and Ray Brown, were replaced by sufficient players, Tony Parrish and Ron Stone......Everyone and their mother likes St Louis to go to the Super Bowl. I don't. Their lack of depth at the RT position will definitely hurt. Picking up Jamie Duncan was a good move. Mike Martz's ego will also bring this team down, you heard it here first(maybe not first, but you get the idea)......Mike Holmgren finally came to his senses and named Dilfer his starter. Maybe he can do something for Ryan Leaf. Look for Shaun Alexander to have a marvelous year without having to share time with Ricky Watters......I am not a Jake Plummer fan, far too inconsistent. Lack of secondary depth doesn't help. Lack of a proven runner definitely won't help.

 NFC North

  1.  Green Bay  13-3
  2.  Chicago      10-6
  3.  Minnesota    8-8
  4.  Detroit          5-11

 Green Bay is my pick out of the NFC for the Super Bowl. So far, word is that Terry Glenn has been very well-behaved. Combine him with Brett Favre, and he catches 90 balls for 1300 yards. Signing Hardy Nickerson and Joe Johnson bolsters a very solid D.......I think last year was a fluke for Chicago. There were a few too many lucky instances for them. Jim Miller is a very run-of-the-mill QB, and is also injury-prone. Chris Chandler is a capable starter, but is even worse injury wise. A-Train should have an excellent season.......Minnesota is definitely rebuilding. With Culpepper and Moss still intact, plus another year for Michael Bennett, the O will be solid. Defense has a few too many holes for my liking.....James Stewart is a very overrated RB. McMahaon is still raw as a QB, but shows potential. Harrington should get a couple starts this year. Overpaid for Az-Hakim.

NFC South

  1. Tampa Bay   11-5
  2. New Orleans   9-7
  3.  Atlanta          7-9
  4. Carolina         4-12

Jon Gruden was a great hire for the (seemingly) inept Glazer brothers. He should do some good things in this offense with Brad Johnson, Keyshawn, Jurevicious, and rookie Marquise Walker. Pittman seems to fit the WCO......Obviously, the big deal was sending Ricky Williams to Miami. Deuce McAllister has shown flashes of brilliance, but was injury prone as a full-time starter in college. If he stays healthy, I think he gets 1200 yards......Michael Vick takes the reins in Atlanta. Dan Reeves had pretty good success with another QB who had good speed and a strong arm. I think you heard of him. Dunn and Duckett make a very solid running tandem. Still need a solid WR for Vick to throw to......Carolina has almost 0 playmakers on offense, and has Dan Morgan on defense. Here's to hoping that Peppers is another Javon Kearse.

NFC East

  1. Philadelphia  12-4
  2. Washington   10-6
  3. Dallas              9-7
  4. New York         6-10

Donovan McNabb is quickly becoming the best QB in the NFl. Look for him to take that title next year. Eagles took a hit in their secondary losing Damon Moore, but replacing him with the familiar to us Stiller fans, Blaine Bishop. They lost two of their 3 best LBs (Trotter and Caldwell). Barry Gardner and Shawn Barber need to step up.......Steve Spurrier has decided to take his show to DC. I'm on the side that thinks he'll succeed. Shane Matthews is a capable QB, and Stephen Davis is a workhorse. Spurrier isn't an idiot and will figure out how to mix his terrific passing system and the bruising Davis. Marvin Lewis will do great things with Armstead, Trotter, and Arrington......New York is in total disaray. Feuds are building within the locker room. Jim Fassel better get a grip on this team heading toward turmoil.


Wild Card

  •  Philadelphia over St Louis
  •  Tampa Bay over Washington

 NFC Divisional

  • San Francisco over Philadelphia
  •  Green Bay over Tampa Bay

NFC Championship

  •  Green Bay over San Francisco

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