Draft Chat: Adam Caplan

SCI subscribers met with Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio Wednesday night and discussed the 2006 NFL Draft. Adam laid down the knowledge, dropped some names, and settled a score or two as it relates to the Steelers and their targets this weekend.

Draft Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan - Wednesday, April 26

Adam Caplan hi everyone
BlitzburghD Hey Adam
Adam Caplan very busy today, lots going on
heinzfield welcome adam!
DaleLolley Well, let's get rolling
BlitzburghD Word. You ready to go, Adam?
DaleLolley Welcome Adam. I'm doing your show Thursday.
Adam Caplan lets do it, Dale, I suggested them call you......
Adam Caplan should be fun
Adam Caplan just don't pick a K
CSyry adam, who will the pick be for the steelers
Adam Caplan CS: Whitner-S, Moss-WR, or ... Lendale White I would say as of today.
CSyry thanks
Adam Caplan We're still three days away so things can change
CSyry i hope it's not moss.
Adam Caplan CS: I agree, sure he's fast but he's not an every down WR.
ChipTheSteelerFan why isn't Moss an every down WR
ytownsteel no moss
sssssteve have the Steelers had any contact with Moss?
nathanas85 Adam why Moss..........I have heard no ties with him and the Steelers?
Adam Caplan Nathan: I have for weeks
DaleLolley Moss won't be the pick. No 5-8 receivers in the first
Adam Caplan Dale: What I saw up close during Senior Bowl practices makes me think he can be a special talent but I don't think he's strong enough to handle so many plays at the next level.
ChipTheSteelerFan But Dale, Tye Hill, a 5-8 CB Moss smoked is predicted to be a first rounder
nathanas85 Adam, I see Moss's deep speed but the thing that worries me about Moss is that he doesn't adjust to the deep ball like his brother Santana.
SteelChowder Does Chicago or the Giants really want to trade down?
Adam Caplan STL: NYG doesn't need a WLB now that they signed Arrington/.
BlitzburghD Does Whitner last?
Adam Caplan Whitner is a high riser.
GroveStud Adam, lots of talk about LenDale White. Do you think he will truly fall?
Adam Caplan Grove: Yes, how far is the question.
schak62 What do you feel can truly change things in 3 days?
steeljim What about Drew in the second?
Adam Caplan Steel: They have a speed RB in Parker, can't see it and he's very small.
poonugget Adam what O-lineman do you see the Steelers looking at?
Adam Caplan Poon: Willie Colon-4th from Hofstra, they really like him
poonugget good call I was on to him
poonugget I think they might reach in round 3 for him though
ytownsteel adam-anything on brad smith
Adam Caplan Town: I haven't heard anything in regard to the Steelers.
CSyry adam or dale, i think demetrius williams is the best receiver available that has what the steelers need. the deep speed. is he a target
DaleLolley They like Williams. Not in the first, though.
Adam Caplan CS: Love him, solid second round WR, possession type though, not a field stretcher.
Adam Caplan Had a good Senior Bowl week
CSyry ok
txBlitz I have to go back and watch Williams in the Senior Bowl, but I have a buddy who says he alligator arms like Pinkie.
Adam Caplan TX: You need to see what I saw, watch every practice
nathanas85 Adam, do you think the Steelers draft Cromartie if he falls to 32?
txBlitz I am hearing that Dallas and Giants and maybe the Bears want to trade down, so maybe trading up 6 or 7 spots will be cheaper than usual.
schak62 Adam, what about Spencer?
Adam Caplan Sch: He won't be there when they pick in the second
Adam Caplan if they trade down from #32, possibly
Adam Caplan large upside, needs to get his weight under control
SteelChowder wow, Spencer is on the move
Adam Caplan Steeler: Early second for Spencer, teams love his upside, he's down to 338 which is good
GroveStud A lot of talk about OLB prospects: Greenway, Wimbley, Carpenter, Ryans. What order do you think they will come off the board?
heinzfield Adam, what DE prospects do the Steelers like to make the transition to OLB in their 3-4?
Adam Caplan Heinz: They need wide-bodied DLs, there aren't a lot of them that can play DE.
CSyry which is most likely, a trade up or trade down
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, why do national writers predict the Steelers will draft a DE in the first? Especially Rod Wright, who is not Steeler material. I question those experts. I think they just see the Steeler DEs don't get many sacks.
Adam Caplan Chip: Not me, never said that, the Steelers don't play the usual 5-technique DE that the other teams play, more of just hold the rush and let the OLBs get in there
ChipTheSteelerFan Exactly.
ChipTheSteelerFan thanks
txBlitz I do not remember it, but my buddy TCUSux claims he has no heart.
ytownsteel any chance for bobby carpenter
Adam Caplan Ytown: Early second for him
schak62 Adam, what do you think the Steelers target to start Day 2?
Adam Caplan Schack: S-depth, DE and OL depth
txBlitz Adam, I am thinking Chad Jackson, Whitner or Allen for the Steelers in the first, what do you think?
Adam Caplan TX: Jackson likely won't be there
Adam Caplan Though I think he's very overrated
ytownsteel i would trade up for s. holmes at wr
txBlitz I would be thrilled with Jackson as he has the best hands and athletic ability in this draft of any WR
txBlitz Lots of mocks have him sliding. Goose' 2nd mock had him going at 31
CSyry dale, is the florida wr stereotype something the steelers are seriously worried about with chad jackson
DaleLolley I'm not a big fan Jackson. Previous years he's a second rounder
GDogg95 can't sell me on florida WRs
BlitzburghD Most of DE's the Steelers have brought in recently were in the 270-pound range and bulked up -- Smith, Keisel, Nua. Any others like them on day two? Hatcher, maybe.
ChipTheSteelerFan The Steelers won't draft a DE. They already have 5
Adam Caplan Blitz: Kimo is the perfect 3-4 DE, plays the run well, a lot of the DEs in this draft are tweeners for the 3-4 or light for a 4-3
Adam Caplan Too bad he's gone
BlitzburghD Yep, we'll miss KvO.
GroveStud What are your surprises in the 1st round? Who goes much earlier than most think? Who falls the hardest?
Adam Caplan Grove: Someone asked me the other day, Cutler will likely drop
Mineola How is Allen's hip really?
poonugget I think Colon goes in round 3 to the Steelers
Adam Caplan Poon: Outside shot but given a 4th round grade by every team I've talked to
DaleLolley Colon in the third sounds good Poo
Adam Caplan I know PIT loves him
Adam Caplan the agent is very good with OLs
Adam Caplan Will Shields and a lot of solid ones
DaleLolley I wrote Colon and poo in the same sentence.
Adam Caplan haha
GDogg95 keep it clean dale
CSyry haha
Adam Caplan I should have caught that
poonugget I must say I was surprised you knew about Colon. You seem to do a lot of research unlike some other so called experts out there
Adam Caplan Poon: I try to dig up as much as I can on the sleeper guys
nathanas85 Adam, what are your thoughts on Darnell Bing?
Adam Caplan Nath: Never should have left USC, third rounder
nathanas85 wow, thank you
DaleLolley Why don't you like Bing, Adam?
ytownsteel because pingar of fresno threw all over him
Adam Caplan Dale: He's not instinctive, everyone I have talked to about him said he should have stayed in school
GroveStud If you don't like Bing, who are the best safeties after Allen & Whitner?
DaleLolley I think a year with Polamalu would be better for Bing than another year ins school
Adam Caplan Dale: I asked a scout who I really respect about them playing together and I was told they don't compliment each other well at the pro level.
SteelChowder Bing seems to be all over the place - - some love him, others have him in the 3rd
txBlitz I think the two teams most interested in Bing are NE and the Steelers
majick Steelers need a FS, Bing is a SS
steelers4me Adam: Which Safety do you feel best fits the Steelers style? Whitner, Allen, or Bullocks? Also, do you feel Whitner will still be on the board at # 32?
Adam Caplan Grove: Allen won't be there, Whitner might
SteelChowder guess that answers the hip question
BlitzburghD So Allen in going before Whitner? What teams picking 1C need safeties and are eyeing Whitner, Adam?
Adam Caplan Blitz: Yes, unless teams flunked him on their physical
GDogg95 the steelers need kick and punt returners, any favorites?
heinzfield Adam...Thoughts on Kudla form Ohio state
Adam Caplan Also, Kellen Clemens moving way yup
CSyry adam, are the steelers interested in ingle martin
Adam Caplan CS: Solid sleeper QB but haven't heard anything with PIT
schak62 Adam, the prognosticators seem to feel the Steelers need another Slash type to replace ARE - your thoughts?
Adam Caplan Shack: I was the first to report about 4-5 weeks ago they love Marques Haggans
GDogg95 4th round?
schak62 Thanks
ytownsteel no love for brad smith
CSyry i'm not a big fan of michael robinson. are the steelers
poonugget Adam what do you think of Bullocks from Nebraska?
Adam Caplan Poon: Second rounder, moving up
GroveStud Do you think Hali could fit in a 3-4? as an OLB or DE?
Adam Caplan Grove: Not really, DE strictly
Adam Caplan Wimbley, Lawson OLBs in 3-4
BlitzburghD Can Lawson hold the point? He's got no ass.
majick right on BlitzD
Adam Caplan Blitz: Agreed, he's not that strong
schak62 Adam, its been argued on the board here that Lawson won't make it as a OLB in a 3-4. They see Zo Jackson - your take?
Adam Caplan Sch: Jackson couldn't make the conversion, he didn't have it in the hips
Adam Caplan Not every DE can make the move
BlitzburghD Can Lawson flip his hips? Mayock says he's got tight hips and can't make the transition.
poonugget Mayock calls Lawson a 3rd round situational pass rusher
Adam Caplan I was with Mayock on Tuesday, good guy, very accurate I think too
majick Its more than just the hips though, he's an edge rusher only - weak against the run
heinzfield Jackson played as soft as a milk shake
Adam Caplan Wimbley looked great at his proday, even better than Sims in pass coverage
DaleLolley Jackson didn't have it anywhere
steelers4me Adam: Assuming the Steelers don't spend a premium pick on a LB, who are some of the mid-draft prospects the team may be interested in at the position?
steeljim See that Zo was waived by the giants
ytownsteel zo was waived before camp
ytownsteel any physical receivers out their..ward types
Adam Caplan Steeler: Ytown: this is the draft of big physical but slow WRs
Adam Caplan pick your guy
Adam Caplan lol
Adam Caplan I could list 20 literally
txBlitz When I was in Boston last weak OT McNeil and OLB Roger McIntosh were visiting.
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, what do you think of Ed Hinkel as a day 2 project? I see him as a good WR to learn under Hines, even if it is on the PS for a year.
Adam Caplan Chip: 7th rounder
ChipTheSteelerFan I would love Hinkel in the 7th
GroveStud I saw Pompei had the Steelers taking Jennings at #32. Are you guys hearing something or was it a wild guess?
majick McIntosh looked awful against LSU in the bowl game
steelers4me How's Gaither from the Vols sound in round 4?
ytownsteel what second day qbs the steelers looking at as a 3rd stringer
DaleLolley Gradkowski
ytownsteel thanks dale
majick Dale, is Gradkowski a serious target? or did they just bring him in because he's local?
DaleLolley They like local guys at the end of the roster. Guys to send to events and such.
SteelChowder Sounds like Art's old "get an Irish guy" line
DaleLolley There's still some of that in the organization.
Adam Caplan Ytown: Ingle Martin does make some sense, good fit, deep sleeper, Jeff Mroz-Yale, big strong armed QB
BlitzburghD Adam, thoughts on Reggie McNeal: Where's he going off the board, and as a WR or QB?
Adam Caplan Blitz: QB
majick McNeal - "I wasn't going to play receiver in no all star game" - he came of as an ass
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, any love for Pierre Woods as a 3-4 OLB. He was miscast playing 3-4 DE at michigan at 250 pounds. I think he is another good 7th round-UDFA guy
CSyry adam, what about pat watkins from florida st for the selection at safety if they can't get whitner or allen
Adam Caplan Watkins, very tall but inconsistent, Lamont Thompson like
steelers4me Why has Ko Simpson seemingly fallen off the charts?
STEELSB Adam, Michael Robinson or DJ?
Adam Caplan STL: Robinson will be looked at as a WR only and in the 6th area
Adam Caplan he was terrible at the senior bowl
nathanas85 Adam , any chance the Steelers draft D'Qwell Jackson at 32nd?
poonugget great question Nathan
Adam Caplan Nath: a little early but he's really underrated
Adam Caplan if they trade down maybe
heinzfield Adam: Thoughts on Anthony Smith from the "cuse
schak62 Adam, there's been talk on the board in support of Alston for FS - I haven't seen him play - does he have it in him to do it?
Adam Caplan Sch: He's undersized for a LB but not really a S, speed guy who can play LB in some schemes
DaleLolley He can't play it for the Steelers
DaleLolley Alston, that is. Harry be damned.
ChipTheSteelerFan Thanks Adam. I got slammed when I questioned Alston's cover skills
Adam Caplan Travis Williams-Auburn another one
Adam Caplan has to play SS probably
steelers4me Adam: Any chance the Steelers trade up in round 2 for Mangold - assuming he makes it that far?
Adam Caplan Chip: Good sleeper, there are a ton of undersized LBs this season
Adam Caplan STL: I don't think he makes it that far, 20-25 area
Adam Caplan they would have to trade up
txBlitz Reading Colbert's PC comments, he seems to be more inclined to trade up this year than trading down in round 1
poonugget No chance in hell we take Mangold
ytownsteel it is nice being world champs
GroveStud What about KO Simpson. Seems he's not getting any press
steelers4me see above Grove
Adam Caplan Grove: Middle second
steelers4me senior bowl horrors, it seems
Adam Caplan I can't judge a player on how much pub he gets
Adam Caplan means nothing to be honest
CSyry what about wali lundy as a 3rd rounder
Adam Caplan CS: Good and underrated RB
Adam Caplan probably late third early 4th
heinzfield Anthony Smith from the Cuse?!?!? Thoughts ADAM?
Adam Caplan Heinz: Another sleeper late rounder
majick Anthony Smith can play
poonugget I think Smith is underrated
poonugget He is a football player and a special teams ace
heinzfield Thanks!
nathanas85 I agree with you there poon
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, assuming Huff plays safety, what makes him a better safety than Whitner. I think it is just hype.
BlitzburghD Whitner is the best safety in this draft
Adam Caplan CHIP: Speed and versatility but I'm not big on taking S's that early
schak62 Adam, Colbert said they don't abide by the Draft Value chart - about how many teams do you think do?
Adam Caplan Sch: That late in the first I can see that
steelers4me Off-team question: Houston trades out of # 1 ... yes or no?
Adam Caplan STL: I saw 99% they take Bush
txBlitz No, Houston gets some BUSH!
STEELSB Adam: Chances of Deangelo Williams falling?
Adam Caplan STL: Yes, some question his toughness but he looked great during Senior Bowl week
Adam Caplan I say he goes 20-25
steelers4me I could see D.Williams getting Thurman Thomas'd in this draft
Adam Caplan ST: Good point
Adam Caplan very good
Adam Caplan but I can't see him in the second
nathanas85 Adam , can you tell me a little about LB/ DE Brent Hawkins from Illinois St? Also where do you see him drafted?
Adam Caplan NAT: Smallish, UDFA but has some upside
DaleLolley I have to get going. Talk to you tomorrow Adam. Later guys.
ytownsteel ot-do you anticipate anything out of the norm for our division rivals
ytownsteel just as long as cleveland sucks
schak62 LOL - good one ytown - one thing that rules about this town is all the Clowns fans crying every year!
steelblitzkrieg Forget the Browns this is a Steeler evening.
poonugget Adam what WR do you think would best fit the Steelers if you take Holmes Jackson and Moss out
Adam Caplan POON: must have deep speed: not many fit that
GroveStud Thoughts on Washington from FSU?
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, when I watch Vince Young play, I see a QB who makes one read and either throws it or runs. Why are people so high on him? Do they really think he is worth picking that high?
Adam Caplan CHIP: It's all about upside, that's it and you have to wait three years until he can play
ChipTheSteelerFan To me, 3 years is too long
Adam Caplan CHIP: Same as McNair, Chris Chandler was the starter
Adam Caplan That's why the coaches want Leinart and the GM wants Young
Adam Caplan the GM will be there
ChipTheSteelerFan but Fischer won't be if they draft Young
Adam Caplan CHIP: Exactly, that's what I just wrote above
ytownsteel ben has ruin it for all rookie qbs
poonugget Why is everyone so high on Cutler? I think people see his strong arm and look past his flaws
majick I've heard Balt is looking to move up for Ngata or Bunkley?
Adam Caplan MAJ: I haven't heard that
tannybrown Adam/Dale: sorry if this has been asked, but what do you think of Jeff Webb of SDSU?
Adam Caplan Guys: I have to run, good chat
CSyry thanks adam
ytownsteel thanks adam
ChipTheSteelerFan thanks
nathanas85 thanks adam
tannybrown Thanks
schak62 thanks Adam
GroveStud Thanks
heinzfield thanks!!!
GDogg95 gracias
Adam Caplan Listen to Sirius tomorrow night, I'm hosting the pre-draft show from 8-11pm est
poonugget thanks
ytownsteel friday night chat?
BlitzburghD Yep, Friday at 9PM
txBlitz Thanks. Tanny I like Webb as a third round talent.
steelers4me Thanks for taking the time Adam. Night all  =)

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