Steelers make final three picks

After securing their developmental quarterback, the Steelers added Purdue TE Charles Davis in the fifth round, Cal C Marvin Philip in the sixth, and Va. Tech RB Cedric Humes in the seventh.

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Full Name: Charles Davis School: Purdue Pos: TE

Ht: 6-5.5 Wt: 263 40: 4.94 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Four-year starter who posted 26/311/1 as a senior after career-best totals of 34/416/3 the prior year. Awarded All-Academic honors in the past.

Pos: Pass-catching tight end yet to take his game to the next level. Quick releasing off the line into routes, immediately gets to top speed and finds the soft spot in the defense. Plucks the ball from the air and takes a big hit in order to make the reception. Stays square blocking and flashes strength.

Neg: Must improve his hand technique getting off jams at the line of scrimmage. Lacks blocking intensity and does not always work to finish opponents.

Analysis: Considered a hard worker who does everything asked of him, Davis is a reliable prospect with marginal size/speed numbers. A potential red zone/third down target with potential as a No. 2 tight end.

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Full Name: Marvin Philip School: California Pos: C

Ht: 6-1 Wt: 307 40: 5.32 Year: 6Sr

Bio: All-Conference selection the past two seasons. Started the final five games of his sophomore season.

Pos: Explosive blocker with marginal size for the next level. Quick off the snap, plays with good pad level and gets leverage on opponents. Nasty, attacks assignments and is always looking for someone to hit. Plays heads-up football, effectively quarterbacks the offensive line and works well with teammates. Tough and plays through pain.

Neg: Stiff, lacks adjustment and not effective in space. Rarely opens up the middle of the field and does not possess a dominant base.

Analysis: An outstanding worker and competitive leader on the offensive line, Philip is a late-round selection who could develop into a starter for the right system.

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Full Name: Cedric Humes School: Virginia Tech Pos: RB

Ht: 6-1 Wt: 227 40: 4.68 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Part-time starter the past two years who posted career-best numbers of 162/752/11 as a senior after posting 130/605/5 the prior year.

Pos: Hard-working, team player with a variety of ball-carrying skills. Displays vision, waits for blocks to develop and shifty in a small area. Gets around the corner and works runs. Breaks several tackles during a single handoff and drives up the field. Strong blocker who turns defenders from the play.

Neg: Lacks overall playing speed. Does not create or elude defenders.

Analysis: A consistent player the past three seasons, Humes projects as a short-yardage back at the next level who could also be used as a lead blocker.

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